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    16 Waterproof Products For £16 Or Less That Are Perfect For Rainy Weather

    I'd rather not feel the rain on my skin, thanks.

    1. Not only are these cycling and hiking gloves completely waterproof, they'll work on your touchscreen too!

    2. Keep your dog dry with one of these coats, available in sizes small - 2X large!

    3. This waterproof backpack is available in five different colours!

    4. Alternatively, you could just cover the bag you've already got with one of these highly-reviewed rucksack protectors.

    5. Your makeup won't run in the rain with some NYX setting spray!

    6. This cover will keep up to two bikes dry, and it's got lock-holes to keep it secure.

    7. Or, if you want something more lightweight, consider this waterproof saddle cover.

    8. Waterproof whatever you like with some of this spray!

    9. These socks are made from the same material as wetsuits, so while they can't keep your feet completely dry in a downpour, they'll definitely help.

    10. Stila's Stay All Day waterproof liquid liner has a huge cult following for a reason.

    11. This umbrella is designed to not turn inside out in the wind.

    12. You can write in this notebook in the rain using anything from a pencil to a permanent marker!

    13. This jacket will help keep you dry during your run, and it comes in five different colours! It's available in UK sizes 8-18.

    14. This waterproof toiletries bag will stay dry, so your makeup will survive your gym session unscathed!

    15. This phone holder for your bike is mounted on a handy waterproof bag!

    16. Waterproof sunscreen is important, whether you want to stay protected in colder weather or if you're going abroad!