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    47 Useful Products You'd Probably Buy For Their Looks Alone

    These put the 'pretty' in 'pretty useful'.

    1. These puffer fish-shaped dryer buddies will aerate your clothes as they spin, helping to dry your garments faster and leave them feeling softer. Plus, I mean, just look at them.

    2. You can protect your feet and show your fandom thanks to these Baby Yoda socks.

    3. I find this matchbox-shaped box of 12 nail files highly ameowsing.

    4. Can we talk about the fact that this Friends umbrella changes colour in the rain?!

    5. This contact lens case will make you say "aww" every time you look at it.

    6. This hydrating hand sanitiser spray comes in the prettiest packaging imaginable. It's handbag-friendly, too!

    7. Ensure you don't lose your teabag's string in your drink with the help of these 'fishermen'.

    8. This 100% cotton Wallace and Gromit bag is a toteally adorable way to create less waste when you shop.

    9. This hedgehog-shaped kitchen timer is about to become your new favourite thing.

    10. I'm not sure why this six-in-one multitool looks like a bird, but oh boy am I glad it does.

    11. You'll be able to read at night without having to keep the lights on thanks to this peg-shaped clip-on lamp.

    12. This ceramic ring holder looks like a tiger.

    13. I adore this avocado-shaped Airpods holder.

    14. I can't stop thinking about these adorable bag clips.

    15. This gorgeous foaming body bar comes with a handy loop that makes it harder to accidentally drop. It smells of fresh mint!

    16. This two-person picnic set is almost unreasonably pretty. It comes with knives, forks, spoons, and plates!

    17. Can we just paws for a moment to appreciate these oven gloves?!

    18. Store your tea and sugar in these Toy Story-themed tins for an instant upgrade.

    19. These guitar-shaped wooden spoons are almost too cute to use.

    20. This small ceramic jug is just stunning.

    21. This unbearably cute plush panda is in fact a FRIDGE MAGNET.

    22. Keep your food chill in the most stylish way possible with this jungle-themed cool bag.

    23. These LEGO-shaped pencil sharpeners are honestly Insta-worthy.

    24. This monogrammed jewellery box comes in all the letters of the alphabet, so you'll be able to choose one with your initial on it.

    25. This biscuit-shaped magnetic bookmark gets a 10/10 from me.

    26. Imagine the thrill of wiping your feet on this Back To The Future-themed doormat!

    27. Hydrate and de-puff the skin under your eyes with these ~luxe~ 24k gold masks.

    28. This lightsaber-shaped pizza cutter makes The Noise when you use it.

    29. These mini highlighters look like lil' vitamins!

    30. This stainless steel vacuum flask will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. It's perfect for Moomin fans!

    31. This bamboo bath mat is naturally water-repellent, and it looks incredible to boot.

    32. This embroidered eye mask will help you sleep better even when it's bright outside and it looks incredible. What's not to love?!

    33. This reusable shopping bag folds up into a sheep when you're not using it (aww).

    34. If you love coffee, you'll probably adore this aesthetically pleasing scoop that doubles as a bag clip.

    35. It turns out I've needed this sheep-shaped toilet roll holder my entire life.

    36. The neck of this Super Mario piranha lamp is adjustable, so it's perfect if you've got an awkwardly-placed bedside table.

    37. Not only are these kitchen knives really highly-rated, they've got great-looking handles too! Oh, and is if all that wasn't enough, they're well under £20.

    38. These are the lightsaber-shaped BBQ tongs Star Wars fans have been looking for.

    39. BRB, about to buy this Henry Hoover-shaped screen cleaner.

    40. Okay, but why are these beeaded coasters (sorry) so pretty?!

    41. These pens are just purrfect.

    42. This Super Mario money box is honestly genius.

    43. These reusable stainless steel straws honestly have no right to look as good as they do.

    44. This Friends tea infuser is sure to perk up your day!

    45. These celestial memo pads are out of this world!

    46. This Shaun of the Dead-themed Winchester Tavern bottle opener has a fun pint design.

    47. These cable bites will prevent your charger from fraying and breaking.