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    47 Useful Little Things That Might Just Become The Highlight Of Your Day

    These prove that everyday things don't need to be boring!

    1. Clean your hands on the go with this Star Wars sanitiser.

    2. Elevate your YouTube-watching sessions by using this smartphone projector.

    3. If you love to pick up a book before bed, this clip-on light will let you keep reading without keeping your main light on.

    4. You'll probably spend all day looking forward to using this massage roller.

    5. This biscuit bath mat will make your morning shower even better.

    6. Turn your bath into a disco with this fully submergible light.

    7. This clever tech pillow lets you fall asleep listening to your fave music or podcast.

    8. These workout cards will change up your usual home exercise routine.

    9. This Aladdin teapot comes with two adorable glass mugs.

    10. This incredible mug will make your cuppa otterly adorable.

    11. Make WFH feel a little more like an office with this sticker that you can apply to your laptop or water bottle.

    12. Start off your day the fun way by putting on these Toy Story socks.

    13. This lightsaber-shaped pizza cutter will make your favourite dinner even better.

    14. If you're looking for a fun way to store your toilet paper, this sheep-shaped loo roll holder isn't a baad option.

    15. You can hydrate while showing your Harry Potter fandom by using this Polyjuice Potion water bottle.

    16. I'm a huge fan of this Wallace and Gromit pencil holder. It's a great way to brighten up your desk (or, you know, kitchen table).

    17. You can make heading to the shops a lil' more fun thanks to this Woolworths tote bag.

    18. This peeler is about to become your best spuddy.

    19. These pawsome oven mitts have no right to be as cute as they are.

    20. This Knight Bus light will make the mundane act of turning a lamp on way more magical.

    21. Just when you thought sleeping couldn't get any better, this Friends bed set comes along.

    22. It's now a requirement in the UK to wear a non-medical face covering when travelling on public transport, and it's recommended to also wear them in public settings where social distancing isn't easy (such as inside shops). So you may as well make it a little more fun with this cute reusable sloth one!

    23. Take notes in style with this Harry Potter stationery set! It includes a Marauder's Map notebook and a Hogwarts crest pencil case.

    24. You'll be happy to water any plant that comes in this Totoro-shaped holder.

    25. You can actually blow bubbles in your bath by using this, uh, bubble bath (now that I say that, it seems weird this wasn't a thing sooner).

    26. I donut understand why anyone wouldn't want these adorable socks.

    27. These scented shower steamers will give you a spa-like experience even if you don't have a bath.

    28. These bath puffs are absofruitley incredible.

    29. Sure, you could reward your pet normally – but when this treat launcher exists, why would you?!

    30. Shake up your meals with this salt and pepper set.

    31. If you love Marmite, you'll adore this personalised jar.

    32. Perk up your cups of coffee or tea by using these Friends coasters!

    33. This cat-shaped kitchen tool is just grate.

    34. This mint-scented body bar is a fun way to wash.

    35. These Disney princess face masks will make skincare way more fun.

    36. You'll look forward to settling into your WFH routine thanks to this USB-powered desk fan.

    37. You could clean the crumbs from your desk normally, OR you could use this tiny USB-chargeable vacuum!

    38. This salted caramel hot chocolate stirrer will make your evening so much better.

    39. This hooded towel is a purrfect way to make drying off more fun.

    40. You can make pampering yourself a part of your daily routine with this facial roller.

    41. How fun is this furry notebook?!

    42. This avocado-pattern case will make you smile every time you pick up your phone. It fits iPhones 6 and 7!

    43. This adorable cushion means even the act of sitting down can be more fun.

    44. Great smells make everything better, so this bamboo scented candle will improve whatever room you light it in.

    45. This gingerbread man timer will make something as ordinary as boiling eggs fun.

    46. You'll look forward to cooking dinner once you have this denim apron in your kitchen.

    47. These cat pens will make writing much more ameowsing.