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    I Hate Spending Money, But I Have Zero Regrets Over These 29 Products

    Even my stingy self has to admit that a life without a milk frother is no life at all.

    1. There are zero back-of-the drawer pairs in this set of deceptively cheap earrings.

    2. This rosemary essential oil is ridiculously well-reviewed. It's helped to thicken my hair significantly!

    3. This scalp massager is probably the most satisfying way to lather your shampoo ever.

    4. If you're in the market for a new phone, Google's 128GB Pixel 6a is probably the best-value option you're going to find.

    5. I've had this Nigel Slater cookbook in my bag since I first tried one of his recipes.

    6. Whether your skin barrier is feeling a little worn or you just want a moisturiser that'll *truly* hydrate your skin, La Roche-Posay's Cicaplast Baume repair balm has got your back.

    7. Turn your kitchen into a coffee shop with this endlessly useful milk frother.

    8. Give yourself a caffeine boost WITHOUT the accompanying jitters by nabbing this matcha tea (and yes, I have become a matcha latte addict since nabbing that frother).

    9. I'm pretty sure you'll never go back to regular floss after using this deeply satisfying water flosser.

    10. Keep your food fresh for less with these cheap reusable clips.

    11. This reusable beeswax food cover works like a kind of lower-waste tinfoil or clingfilm.

    12. This light-blocking sleep mask has an adjustable wire in its nose (genius, right?).

    13. Keep your makeup refreshed throughout the day with e.l.f.'s coconut-infused mist.

    14. Lock in your skin's sweet, sweet moisture with this polyglutamic acid from The Inkey List. I mix it in with my foundation, and it transforms my £6 fave into a premium-feeling formula.

    15. This SPF50 over-makeup sunscreen spray doesn't leave a chalky or greasy cast (the dream, TBH).

    16. If you need to organise your Cupboard of Shame, these containers are pretty much perfect.

    17. Vicks' 'First Defence' spray is designed to prevent common colds from forming in the first place, so it's a great thing to have on hand now that everyone seems to have a sniffle.

    18. These machine-washable bamboo rounds will frankly leave your disposable ones in the dust.

    19. Hop on the cream blush trend without the shine with this e.l.f. putty blush!

    20. I bought myself this Bodum French press immediately after seeing how smoothly my friend's years-old one still plunged (there's something so jarring about that dip-and-drop sensation you eventually get with other brands).

    21. So naturally, I bought Bodum's French press travel flask too (yes, really).

    22. Reviewers swear by this powerful acne cream for banishing blemishes.

    23. Before I got put on prescription vitamin A, this inexpensive retinol serum really helped to plumpen and smoothen my skin.

    24. And this hydrating CeraVe cleanser has completely transformed my skin.

    25. COSRX's Snail 92 all-in-one cream has been all over TikTok for good reason.

    26. I can't wait for you to become the version of yourself that owns this game-changing mop that has a spinning drain mechanism in its bucket. Its telescopic handle folds down when it's not in use too!

    27. If you've been meaning to buy an electric toothbrush for a while now, this Oral-B 'Pro 2 Cross-Action' one is well worth a try.

    28. I mean, the results of this this Bar Keeper's Friend powder speak for themselves.

    29. My flat has an ancient extractor fan that gets visibly greasy really quickly. This powerful degreaser spray made cleaning the panels WAY less daunting!