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    17 Products From TruffleShuffle's Up-To-40%-Off Sale You'll Probably Want To Own ASAP

    Prepare to indulge in your fave fandom for less!

    In case you didn't know, TruffleShuffle are having a limited-time sale right now on selected items. We went through the discounts to find you the best products!

    1. This 1,000-piece Friends jigsaw puzzle is a quarter off its usual price.

    2. Star Wars fans will seriously appreciate this Stormtrooper glass (and they'll be a pretty huge fan of its 40% discount, too).

    3. The only thing better than this Wall's Twister-shaped lip balm is the fact that it's 40% off right now.

    4. Okay, but this Wall-E T-shirt honestly has no right to look as pretty as it does. You can nab it now for 40% off its usual price!

    5. Save 20% on this mini Yoda backpack, you will.

    6. These 30%-off Eeyore socks are incredibly sweet.

    7. This pixelated mug is perfect for gamers (and at 30% off, it's pretty great for your wallet too).

    8. This gorgeous Miffy necklace is made from 18-carat gold vermeil, and as if THAT wasn't enough, it's 30% off too!

    9. These Marvel-themed pyjamas are made from 100% cotton jersey! They're 30% off at the moment.

    10. I'd honestly buy these Groovy Chick socks without the 40% price reduction, but it definitely doesn't hurt!

    11. This 500-piece NASA jigsaw puzzle is out of this world (and so is its 30% discount!).

    12. Fellow Animal Crossing fans, let's just take a moment to appreciate this 30%-off T-shirt.

    13. Grab this 1,000-piece Harry Potter jigsaw puzzle for a ~bewitching~ 30% off.

    14. Bring on the nostalgia with this 40%-off Land Before Time T-shirt!

    15. If you love Star Wars, this 20%-off Chewbacca backpack might just become your new favourite thing. Or, as Chewie would say, "WWWWWWWGGGGHHHRRRRW!".

    16. And its accompanying wallet has an identical 20% discount.

    17. This blue raspberry Slush Puppy milkshake set is down by a delicious 30%. The pack contains a stainless steel cup, some blue raspberry-flavoured powder, and a pack of sprinkles.

    Want to check out even MORE great deals? You can view TruffleShuffle's entire flash sale by clicking here!