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    24 TikTok-Famous Products We Know Work Because We Tried Them

    If you're wondering about COSRX's 'Snail 92' cream, wonder no more.

    1. This COSRX 'Snail 92' all-in-one cream really does live up to its name.

    2. And the same goes for The Ordinary's AHA peel!

    3. This anti-limescale shower head is the best purchase I've made in months. It gave our shower perfect water pressure for the first time ever, and it helps my shampoos to lather faster too!

    4. This anti-fog cloth is an absolute game-changer for people who wear glasses!

    5. NYX's 'Micro Brow' pencil gives my brows the most realistic-looking results I've ever gotten.

    6. My sister swears by Garnier's inexpensive coconut 'Hair Food' to hydrate and define her curls! It'll nourish all other hair types too.

    7. I'm just saying, *that* 'Sky High' mascara from Maybelline is popular for a reason.

    8. Good moisturisers are incredibly important, but you don't need to splash out on big-name brands to get the best results. This CeraVe one has blown Tiktok users away (and it's seriously impressed me too)!

    9. Sorry, but how gorgeous is this witchy mug that you've probably seen all over your 'For You' page?

    10. This Cleantok-famous toilet brush has a silicone head, so nothing will get caught in its bristles.

    11. These versatile nail pens will give you FYP-worthy results.

    12. If you're bored of cooking the same three meals throughout the week, you'll be glad you bought these game-changing peanuts in chilli oil to shake your dinners up a little.

    13. This Scrub Mommy sponge will frankly leave your old wire scourers in the dust. It changes texture according to the temperature of the water you run it under!

    14. Boost your booty with these TikTok-famous honeycomb leggings.

    15. This inexpensive curler has an extra-wide barrel, making it perfect for beachy waves and influencer-style '70s locks alike.

    16. Curtain fairy lights are a must-have in pretty much every room makeover video for a reason — they look incredible! Oh, and of course you'll need to pair them with these artificial vines.

    17. This popular remote-control galaxy light is simply stellar.

    18. I'd honestly watch cleaning videos for the shower-descaling sections alone. This limescale removal spray is a fast-acting way to get those results at home!

    19. It turns out that the TikTok-famous Elbow Grease spray actually will cut through your kitchen's sticky surfaces in no time.

    20. Skincare TikTok can't get enough of retinoids. Having seen the reviews for this plumping and smoothing retinol-infused moisturiser, it looks like they're onto something!

    21. If you've been seeing OGX's biotin and collagen conditioner all over your 'For You' page, it might be because its sulphate-free formula genuinely is great at protecting your hair.

    22. This Denman shower brush massages your scalp *and* works shampoo into your hair at the same time.

    23. Shape your brows in seconds by snapping up these eyebrow razors (you can tackle your peach fuzz with them too!).

    24. If you've seen this genius shower shield solution on TikTok before, you've probably wondered how you've lived without it. Not only will it shine your shower, but it'll also keep your unit gleaming for months between scrubs (it works on your taps too!).