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    18 Things Under £25 You Probably Thought Were A Bit More Expensive

    Stuff that will make you say "how much?!", but in a good way.

    1. The security camera that connects to your phone is just £21.99.

    2. This highly-reviewed electric toothbrush is only £19.54 (why did I think they had to cost loads?)

    3. Get your teeth squeaky clean with this £20.07 water pick.

    4. This home waxing kit will give you that spa day feeling for just £16.01.

    5. Neutrogena's £8.66 HydroBoost Water Gel is way up there with other, super expensive moisturisers.

    6. Do you mean to tell me that all this time, I could have gotten one of those blackhead extractor things for £17.59? Do you?

    7. If I could just draw your attention to the fact that Rimmel are selling gorge lipsticks for just £2.54 online, thanks x

    8. Um, it turns out you can get a chocolate fountain for just £24.95?

    9. You can get an aromatherapy diffuser for £14.99. You really can.

    10. One can in fact nab an epliator for just £20.99.

    11. These ceramic Remington straighteners have great reviews, and they're only £16.79.

    12. You can get this very very fluffy faux fur rug for just £12.89.

    13. This Anker speaker has 6,486 reviews with a five-star average, and I'm a bit shook that it's just £21.99.

    14. Turns out spiralisers are pretty cheap – this one is just £12.72.

    15. No, actually, you don't have to be a wealthy '50s mogul to own a cocktail set. This one is just £16.95!

    16. This highly satisfying (and v versatile) steam cleaner is just £22.99.

    17. This back and neck self-massager is just £24.64.

    18. You can start making beer for less than the price of a night out with this £22.94 beginner's beer-making kit.