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    33 Things That Belong On Your Birthday Wishlist

    And yes, it's okay if you "accidentally" send this to your friends.

    1. A card? Tired. This lil' matchbox that contains a candle and a freshwater pearl, though? Inspired.

    2. This golden snitch fidget spinner will help to keep Potterheads calm.

    3. This "spa day in a box" gift set contains everything you need for a relaxing night in, from body scrub to sweets to prosecco (yes, please).

    4. You can personalise this gorgeous bracelet with your initial and your birthstone!

    5. This deep-fill makeup bag has a handy drawstring top, and it's available in nine different colours and patterns.

    6. This cult-status watermelon mask has a huge following for a reason! Famously hydrating, brightening, and smoothing, this vitamin-rich mask comes with a sweet sleeping mask too.

    7. These Korean sheet masks 1) look incredible and 2) include a range of functions, from hydrating to smoothing skin.

    8. This bath bomb leaves a rainbow trail behind it as it fizzes (BRB, I'm off to get nine).

    9. These geometric hair pins come in packs of ten, so there's more than enough to update your looks for weeks!

    10. This Groot plant pot is just *chef's kiss*.

    11. Brighten up your room with this tapestry.

    12. This gorge throw is out of this world!

    13. I'm not saying anyone has to fill this minimalist frame with a cute picture of you and them together. I'm just saying that if they did, it'd win them some serious brownie points.

    14. This teeny-tiny hand warmer will keep you toasty in the cutest way possible.

    15. This witches' brew mug is absolutely spellbinding.

    16. Brighten up your room with this touch-activated and dimmable moon lamp.

    17. You can't go wrong with some chocolate truffles (especially when they come in a great-looking triple pack!).

    18. Could this tea cosy bee any cuter?!

    19. These candles look and smell incredible. The scents are Very Vanilla, Fresh Wind, and Wood!

    20. This stunning jewellery stand gets a 10/10 from me!

    21. These cat pens are pretty and practical.

    22. If you've had your eye on the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette for a while, surely your birthday is the time to finally buy it.

    23. These fairy lights will add a touch of sparkle to your room!

    24. This handmade fox-pattern tea towel proves that pretty and practical aren't mutually exclusive.

    25. This machine-washable apron is perfect for home cooks! Plus, it's got pockets.

    26. These 2020 notebooks are so cute, they'll basically double up as decor when they're on your desk.

    27. If you're looking to add a bit of ~luxe~ into your life, this 18-carat gold and silver ring looks incredible.

    28. This colour-block backpack from Sticky Lemon is available in a variety of colours including lilac and forest green.

    29. Ask your friends for this mug!

    30. Who among us hasn't dreamed of owning a weighted blanket? This one weighs nearly 7kg and has some great reviews!

    31. If you've got loads of photos on your phone but none in your frames, this Instax camera that prints pictures instantly has got your back.

    32. This recipe book from Dishoom is the perfect present for folks who love to cook.

    33. This shimmering and colour-changing gin infusion set has enough product in the pack to help you transform up to fifteen bottles.