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People Who "F*cked Around" Are Sharing What They "Found Out", And Wow, I'm Taking Notes

"Hot laboratory glass looks exactly like cold laboratory glass."

In a recent Reddit post shared to r/AskReddit, site user u/Sufficient_Pay2346 asked, "You f*cked around, what did you find out?" Here are some of the most-upvoted responses:

1. "That NEARLY incapable of getting pregnant does NOT equal incapable of getting pregnant."


"This guy took the question literally." 


Character Rachel from Friends standing in a living room wearing a sleeveless top and holding a bag

2. "That your employer is not your friend. Nothing that isn't a signed contract has any relevance. Never trust the spoken word, even with witnesses."


"Anything in business, get in writing. Do you have a phone call? Follow up with an email and ask some sort of confirming question they have to respond to. If you're seeking employment, get the offer in writing. Spoken words can be challenged, but writing with a signature is much harder to dispute." 


3. "Just because someone is friendly to you, it doesn't mean they are your friend."


4. "'Hahaha it’s just a chicken, what’s it gonna do?' It’s gonna physically injure and humiliate you. That’s what it did, LOL."


Peter Griffin and a giant chicken engaged in a fight from the animated show Family Guy

5. "That hot laboratory glass looks exactly like cold laboratory glass."


"That was one thing they showed us right at the start of university. Our teaching assistant heated up one of two glass rods, hid them behind his back, and then showed them to a student asking, 'which one is hot?' 'Errr...' 'Exactly.'"


6. "Railroad tracks are not a playground. R.I.P. my left foot."

"To all the people asking what happened, when I was around 12 I was walking along the tracks with my cousin when a train came around a bend. My foot got caught in the rails. Despite our best efforts my foot and a bit of my ankle exploded off on contact. I got airlifted to a hospital where I got treatment and I have been living with a prosthesis since. I am 19 now so It’s kinda normal to me." 


7. "If you drink untreated water, you can get giardia."


"Don't go drinkin' waterfalls..."


"Please stick to the bottles and the taps that you're used to." 


Split image: left is character Maya Gallo, right is character Julia Harris at work

8. "That not wearing a helmet while longboarding and fucking up a tuck and roll can cause a traumatic brain injury. Wear a f*cking helmet."


9. "That shower pouffes and towels with loose strings are not piercing-friendly."


"My everything just flinched." 


10. "That it’s a good idea to turn the power off at the fuse box, not just the wall switch, before messing with a light fitting."


Skeleton figure with frizzy hair holding a sparkler, illuminated and celebratory

11. "That not all dogs are friendly."


12. "Those car cigarette lighters that glow red ARE hot. Dad wasn't lying to me. Lost my thumb print for a week or two on that one."


13. "Don't wait for someone because you hope there's the chance for romance in the future... even if they say it could happen one day. You shouldn't need to put your life on hold for them. Live in the here and now, and the right person will hopefully find you one day."


Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor in an office setting from the TV show "The Office." She wears a red top and earrings

14. "You can be their best employee, and they'll still fire you if you have a toxic attitude. It DOES matter."


15. "Don’t have sex with your friends unless you’re prepared to lose them entirely."


16. "I learned the hard way if you’re angry, irritated, tired or fatigued don’t use a hammer, f*ck with anything delicate or continue doing anything involving awkward movements, heavy labour, or agility. You’re probably gonna break something or hurt yourself."

"I’ve broken my thumb, fallen off a roof, broken dishes, fallen through a fan, fumbled and nailed my foot to a sheet of plywood with a 5-inch framing nail, almost ripped an ear off, cut the tip of my thumb off twice, deep fried my fingers, needed stitches from a pizza peel, ruined a GPU, detached a brake line dropping a calliper, and stripped and cross-threaded many nuts and bolts. Not all at once." 


Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty in a floral blouse, with a large, frizzy hairstyle, and glasses, looking surprised

17. "That thing you really wanna do but feel lazy so you'll do it later and hope it's not too late? Turns out that one day it will be too late. You can't grasp how much the realisation hurts until it happens."


18. "You might not know it, but you really like your knees."


19. "If you turn 18 in jail, they can transfer you to the adult side at midnight. They may or may not sing Happy Birthday sarcastically."


Illustration of a cake with the word "Sorry" on top

Shout out to u/Sufficient_Pay2346 and r/AskReddit for having this discussion.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.  

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