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    27 Products I Didn't Even Know I Needed Until I Saw Them On TikTok

    How have I gotten this far without a rechargeable lighter?!

    1. Curtain fairy lights are a must-have in pretty much every room makeover video for a reason — they look incredible!

    2. And the same goes for this stunning tarot-themed tapestry that you've probably been seeing everywhere.

    3. Master those gorgeous '70s-style locks for less by nabbing this inexpensive hot air styler from BaByliss!

    4. I ordered this portable door-locking device the second I found out it existed.

    5. I'd honestly watch those satisfying cleaning videos for the shower-descaling sections alone. This limescale removal spray is a fast-acting way to get those results at home!

    6. Skincare TikTok can't get enough of retinoids, and having seen the reviews for this plumping and smoothing retinol-infused moisturiser I completely understand why.

    7. Those fluffy blanket hoodies that everyone seems to wear in their videos look so frickin' comfortable.

    8. If you've been seeing OGX's biotin and collagen conditioner all over your 'For You' page, it's because its sulphate-free formula genuinely is great at protecting your hair.

    9. Organisation TikTok has got me excited about the prospect of using this simple (but incredibly effective) cable tidy box.

    10. This Bin Buddy powder is one of my favourite viral cleaning hacks. It'll make smelly bin bag leaks a thing of the past!

    Hand pouring Bin Buddy powder into an opened bin

    11. Those colour-changing LED backlights don't just make your living room look more ~vibey~ — they're a great way to remove your eye strain too!

    12. And speaking of giving your eyes a break, these blue light-blocking glasses are a real hack for anyone who stares at screens all day.

    13. Shape your brows in between trips to the salon by snapping up these lil' eyebrow razors (you can tackle your peach fuzz with them too!).

    14. Obsessed with those drool-worthy tortilla toasties? It might be time to finally invest in this ridiculously highly-rated panini press.

    15. It turns out that the TikTok-famous Elbow Grease spray actually will cut through your kitchen's sticky surfaces in no time.

    16. Oh, and the legendary Pink Stuff cleaning paste 100% lives up to the hype too.

    17. I'm honestly upset that I only found out about this flameless USB-powered lighter a couple of weeks ago.

    18. And this incredible holder that fits over your car's visor completely blew my mind!

    19. Once you've seen what Dr Beckmann's cleaning solution has done for other people's sofas and carpets, it's hard not to want to give it a try.

    20. I was sold on this Denman shower brush when I found out that it massages your scalp *and* works shampoo into your hair at the same time.

    21. If you didn't want to buy those magnetic cloud-shaped key holders the instant you saw them, we have nothing in common.

    22. Sorry, but it just isn't a TikTok video unless these gorgeous artificial ivy vines are in the background.

    23. You'll probably want to create your very own cooking videos after nabbing this cheap cast iron skillet!

    24. Master that dreamy no-makeup-makeup look with this clear eyebrow gel from Rimmel.

    25. And while we're on the topic of makeup, *that* Lash Sensational mascara from Maybelline has truly wowed users.

    26. The more often I see this relaxing weighted blanket, the more I want to own it.

    27. And last but most definitely not least, I absolutely *had* to include this cult-status air fryer!

    Me after seeing these products for the first time: