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    19 Products From Sous Chef To Help You Seriously Up Your Baking Game

    Including everything from a DIY churro mix to a stunning proving basket.

    1. Even if you set to your oven to a certain temperature, several factors mean the internal heat might actually fluctuate. This oven thermometer will give you the accuracy you need to get the best out of your bakes!

    2. This Callebaut milk cooking chocolate will deliver a rich flavour and a clean snap.

    3. Make a loaf that Paul Hollywood would approve of with this traditional proving basket.

    4. If you want to make your own tortillas, gorditas, or tamales at home, this masa harina corn flour is the way to go.

    5. Make perfect bakes every time no matter what recipe you're using with this measuring spoon set.

    6. This loose-bottom flan tin is easy to clean, and it comes in three different sizes depending on the size of tart you want to make.

    7. This angled measuring jug lets you see what's in there at a glance, so you won't have to crouch down to get a level reading (yesss).

    8. Whether you're making a seed-free jam or your own cheese, this muslin square is a must-have for finely straining your cooking.

    9. These ceramic baking beads are the perfect way to prevent the dreaded soggy bottom on your pies and tarts.

    10. Learn how to make your own sourdough with this informative recipe book.

    11. This superfine tool is perfect for grating nutmeg, and it'll basically puree any garlic or ginger you run through it too.

    12. Save money and reduce your waste with this non-stick cake tin liner that can be reused up to 200(!!!) times.

    13. Give your bakes the wow factor with this freeze-dried raspberry powder.

    14. Make your own Easter eggs at home with these diamond-pattern moulds.

    15. If you're feeling EXTRA extra, these sheets of edible gold will definitely add some bling to your bakes.

    16. You'll just need to add water to this churro mix to make your own Spanish-style doughnuts.

    17. This countertop dustpan and brush set can stand upright on your countertops for easy storage, and it's the perfect way to keep your countertops flour-free when you bake too.

    18. This lil' pastry brush is perfect for glazing your bakes with jam, milk, eggs, marmalade, and more.

    19. Whip up the perfect sponge with this 20cm non-stick round cake tin.