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    27 Products To Help Stop Day-To-Day Annoyances Before They Even Start

    Proof that prevention is better than cure.

    1. These shower clips will make sure your shower curtain stays in place, so you won't have to deal with it sticking to your skin during your shower.

    2. If you always wonder why you tabbed that one page in your textbook, these lined sticky note tabs give you enough room to write down the most important points about what you're marking (genius TBH).

    3. Make sure your sheets stay put no matter how much you toss and turn with these handy fasteners.

    4. Protect your fingers from nail polish with this highly-rated peel-off latex barrier!

    5. This roll-on stick will protect your skin from chafing, and it doesn't feel greasy or sticky either!

    6. Get ready to get rid of any headaches in minutes by keeping this levementhol stick in your bag!

    7. This VIPoo spray creates a barrier in your toilet bowl that ~odours~ can't escape from – just spray it before you go and you'll be covered.

    8. This Ecozone limescale ball will reduce the mineral buildup in your washing machine and dishwasher and can last for up to five years(!).

    9. Keep your makeup in place throughout the day with this highly-rated setting spray from NYX.

    10. These ultrasonic pest deterrents cover a large surface area of your home and help to repel everything from spiders to mice.

    11. Make sure your toothpaste tube doesn't get crinkled and hard-to-use with one of these squeezers.

    12. These rubber anti-vibration feet will absorb the movement from your washing machine or tumble dryer, helping to quieten them with zero effort from you.

    13. Make sure you can find matching socks in no time when you're getting ready with these honeycomb organisers.

    14. Make sure your earphones don't get tangled in your packet with this handy organiser.

    15. These cable savers will protect your charger from breaking and fraying.

    16. Prevent those arguments about whose charger is whose with this set of cable labels.

    17. This car dehumidifier means you'll be able to enter your car in the morning without having to deal with a foggy windshield.

    18. This incredibly highly-rated Seche Vite topcoat will keep your manicure looking fresh and chip-free for literally weeks.

    19. Keep your fridge smelling fresh with this adorable deodoriser.

    20. Make sure your fridge is easier to clean (and ensure your food stays clean too) with these liners.

    21. This TubShroom collects hair in your sinks and shower before they end up down your drain. It's gotten over 26,950 reviews with a 4.2-star average(!!!).

    22. These silicone hooks attach to the back of your glasses so that they stay on your ears, even when you're looking down!

    23. Make sure your pan doesn't get clouded with those wispy egg-white tendrils thanks to these handy poacher bags.

    24. This waterproofing spray will protect your shoes, coat, bag, and more from the elements.

    25. Get freshly-squeezed lemon juice without the seeds with this genius juicer, which 1) is deep enough to hold the juice from your fruit without spilling it and 2) has a filter between the collection and pouring compartments that means seeds won't get through.

    26. Wake up to softer, smoother lips with this berry-scented Laneige mask that'll do its hydrating job while you sleep.

    27. This electric toothbrush has gotten some incredible reviews.