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    36 Tiny Products That Might Massively Improve Your Bedroom

    Lots of these have small price tags, too.

    1. These white lavender-scented incense cones will make your room smell incredible.

    2. Turn your room into a budget-friendly home cinema using just your phone and this smartphone projector (and yes, it does actually work!).

    3. This tiny gold and glass hanging frame is the best (and cutest) way to decorate your room and display everything from photos to pressed flowers.

    4. This stunning moon banner is out of this world.

    5. Sorry, can we talk about this digital alarm clock for a second?!

    6. These ivy leaf fairy lights are gorgeous.

    7. This avocado-shaped heating pad is fun AND functional.

    8. Transform your bedroom into a yoga studio with these cards.

    9. This teensy-weensy Himalayan salt lamp is adorable.

    10. This stress ball looks like a Playstation controller.

    11. Save in style with this Donkey Kong-themed piggy bank.

    12. This all-cotton percale pillowcase will help to class up your sleeping sitch.

    13. These monogrammed trinket dishes come in all the letters of the alphabet.

    14. Water your plants in style with this gold-look can.

    15. These reed diffusers come in five stunning scents, including patchouli & cedarwood and warm musk & vanilla.

    16. This ceramic ring holder has no right to look as good as it does.

    17. This gold-hued photo holder looks incredible.

    18. This glass vase is just *chef's kiss*.

    19. These 3D fairy lights are perfect for Star Wars fans.

    20. Yeah, I'm going to need this Beatles-themed LED lamp immediately, thanks.

    21. These zodiac-themed notebooks are so pretty they're basically decor.

    22. This 100 movies scratch-off poster makes for some incredible functional decor.

    23. This birch wooden hanger is a gorgeous place to hang your coat.

    24. This mini Bluetooth speaker is shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like a tiny burger.

    25. This bao dumpling light gets a 10/10 from me.

    26. Grow your own plants in these eggshell-shaped ceramic planters.

    27. If you love reading in bed, this Golden Snitch-shaped clip-on reading light is perfect.

    28. Make sure your straighteners don't damage your surfaces with this protective zip-up mat.

    29. This distressed-look storage basket looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    30. Transform your most boring cabinets and drawers in no time with one of these easy-install handles.

    31. This hanging planter is stunning!

    32. This paper poppy 1) looks incredible and 2) requires zero effort and care to keep alive.

    33. You can bend this neon strip light to whatever shape you like.

    34. This mini sloth tapestry is incredible.

    35. These gold-look fairy lights will add a bit of sparkle to your room.

    36. You can wrap this flexible sloth-shaped plant accessory's arms around any part of your plant (aww).