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    27 Little Things To Help Separate "Work Time" From "Me Time" While You're WFH

    Because it's about time your sofa became somewhere to relax again.

    1. Make sure you don't have to look at a tangled mess of cords when you're off the clock by nabbing this clever cable tidy.

    2. Live with people who don't always appreciate your working hours? This handy 'do not disturb' sign might just become your new BFF.

    3. This memory foam seat cushion will keep you comfortable while you're sitting down. You'll know the working day is over once you put this bad boy away and go to relax on the sofa instead!

    4. It might sound trivial, but I swear by keeping my work mug different to my regular mug – after all, you probably had a fave one when you were in the office. This witches' brew cup is perfect for spooky season!

    5. This waterproof desk mat will keep your surfaces scuff and spill-free. Remove it at the end of the working day to reclaim your kitchen table or desk!

    6. Organise your time by using this daily planner that has handy tear-off sheets. You'll be able to see how much work you've completed, which might just make you feel more comfortable taking it easy afterwards!

    7. These clever glasses can help to block the blue light from your screens, so your eyes won't be strained at the end of the day.

    8. I don't like to cook lunch when I'm WFH, because 1) that is TOO much effort and 2) I like to separate housework from work work. These reusable zip-seal bags are freezer-safe, so they're a great way to store single portions of your leftovers from the night before!

    9. This flip-straw water bottle has time markers on its side. Not only will it help you to stay hydrated, but it'll give you a visual cue for when you've reached the end of the day too!

    10. The advice about getting dressed up for WFH every day sounds smart, but it isn't always realistic. This inky black mascara from Maybelline is a great way to look more put-together with minimal effort!

    11. And you can mark the end of the day by removing it with these reusable rounds. They're machine-washable and come in a pack of 15, so you'll always have one to hand while the others are in the wash!

    12. Unwind after work without a screen by using this beginner-friendly cross stitch kit.

    13. If, like me, you're working a lot from your bed, this folding desk is a great way to distinguish your work hours from your relaxation time. You can adjust the angle for easy typing!

    14. And if you're working off a flat surface, this adjustable laptop stand will turn it into a standing desk that'll really help to delineate your work hours from your time off.

    15. This self-adhesive soundproofing strip will keep whatever room you're working in quiet. It'll also help to prevent pesky draughts!

    16. You'll be able to ~de-stress~ after an annoying EOD Zoom meeting with this swear word colouring book.

    17. Okay, I know it sounds a little wild, but certain scents really can put you in different mindsets. This set of four candles contains soothing lavender and Mediterranean fig scents as well as invigorating lemon and fresh spring fragrances, so it's perfect for both your working and relaxing modes!

    18. I like to snap out of my morning sleepiness with a bit of light exercise. This lightweight yoga mat comes with a useful carry strap – it's long enough to stay functional after I've folded it in half for extra padding!

    19. You can still have that 'getting ready' time in the AM without having to put in too much effort thanks to these stunning slides.

    20. This pore-decongesting niacinamide serum is a low-effort way to keep on top of your skincare. You can use it to bookmark both sides of your working day!

    21. Transition your mood from stressed to relaxed with these appealling squeeze toys.

    22. You can hang this handy caddy from your sofa or bed after work to help you relax properly.

    23. Relax your muscles after a day of hunching over a keyboard with this highly-rated roller.

    24. I love this space-saving desk tidy, which will take all your work-related objects out of sight (and out of mind) after 5pm.

    25. And if you have lots of stuff to store away, this gorgeous (and affordable) ottoman is the perfect place to put it all! It'll help you to literally AND figuratively put your feet up at the end of the day.

    26. This gorgeous puzzle book will help you to switch off in style. I use mine to recreate my old commute, but at home!

    27. And if you're feeling artsy, this painting-by-numbers kit is perfect for beginners.

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