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    15 Refreshing Products To Help Make Your Mouth Feel Super Clean

    Because we all want that dentist-fresh feeling (but, like, not by going to the dentist.)

    1. A copper tongue scraper, which is anti-microbial and works to really ~thoroughly~ clean your mouth.

    2. This plaque remover blasts through the gunk on your teeth and removes stains.

    3. A water pick, which is basically the heavyweight champion of flossing.

    4. This whitening charcoal tooth powder, which is also vegan.

    5. This electric toothbrush has four different settings for different dental needs, and it's fairly quiet too.

    6. This alcohol-free oral rinse, which is specially designed to give you fresher breath.

    7. Some mini floss picks that you can bring with you basically everywhere.

    8. This spray is great for freshening up your breath on the go!

    9. These dissolvable tablets are great for getting your retainers squeaky clean.

    10. Sugar-free gum, which will freshen your mouth without hurting your teeth.

    11. These mint-flavoured toothpicks, which kill two birds with one, uh, toothpick.

    12. This oral care set that will make you feel like a pro.

    13. Some interdental toothbrushes, which really get in between those teeth.

    14. This four-pack of eco-friendly, bamboo toothbrushes that are compostable and really effective.

    15. And finally, these breath strips, which dissolve instantly in your mouth.