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    44 Products You'll Probably Use At Least Five Times A Week

    For everything from your bed to your shower!

    1. Wake up without the stress of crumpled sheets by using these (low-key genius) sheet suspenders.

    2. This citrus-scented hand sanitiser spray is simply stunning.

    3. These privacy webcam covers slide across, so you can go from having a fully covered camera to enjoying a selfie session in no time!

    4. This USB-powered desktop fan is the perfect way to keep your WFH setup cool.

    5. Sort out your blunt blades with this tabletop knife sharpener. It's got a suction cup at the bottom to ensure it doesn't slip while you're using it!

    6. This coffee scoop doubles up as a bag clip.

    7. You can store up to five items of clothing using the rail space of just one hanger thanks to these drop-down gadgets. They let you see all your clothes at a glance too!

    8. This net shopping bag is super pretty, and it'll give your fresh produce space to breathe too.

    9. These ethylene-absorbing discs will absorb all the fruit-rotting chemicals fresh produce releases, helping to keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer. They work just as well in your fridge as they do in your fruit bowl!

    10. Whether you want to shake up your existing home workout routine or feel like starting from the very beginning, these flash activity cards are a great way to do it.

    11. Protect your fridge shelves the easy way with this pack of four dishwasher-safe sheets.

    12. If you can never decide what to have for dinner, this takeaway dice could be seriously helpful. It can be used as inspiration for home-cooked meals too!

    13. Keep track of whose charger is whose with these cable labels!

    14. This two-in-one body bar will cleanse and moisturise your skin. As if that wasn't enough, it has a handy loop to make sure you don't drop it too!

    15. This incredible caddy is about to make relaxing in your bed even easier.

    16. This clip-on leather bike gadget allows you to carry your cup with you when you're cycling.

    17. This garlic rocker is a serious life hack. It's easier to clean and covers a bigger surface area than regular garlic presses, and it's made from rust-resistant stainless steel too!

    18. These reflective snap bands are ideal for runners and cyclists.

    19. This bamboo bath mat 1) looks incredible and 2) is naturally water-repellent. What's not to love?!

    20. This wooden phone holder is great elefun.

    21. Make the most out of your toothpaste with these pretty squeezers. Just run them along the tube for a crinkle-free dispenser!

    22. This glass watering globe will hydrate your plants for you for weeks at a time (yes, really). Just fill the chamber with water, stick it into the soil, and you're done!

    23. These adorable cable covers will protect your phone charger from fraying and breaking.

    24. Protect your delicate items of clothing while they're in your washing machine with these mesh laundry bags.

    25. This levomenthol stick claims to relieve the symptoms of your headache in two minutes, and if the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like it's doing something right!

    26. This shoe-cleaning kit will keep your trainers looking good as new.

    27. Get right in between your teeth with this USB-rechargeable water pick, which works like a more comfortable, low-mess version of floss!

    28. This mango wood chopping board is fancy and functional.

    29. This useful organiser means you won't have to spend time looking for knives and forks in a jumbled cutlery drawer.

    30. This canvas wall tidy is designed to let you store your stuff in style!

    31. You can keep your brows looking thicker and fuller without having to fill them in by using this eyebrow tint.

    32. You'll break a smile every time you use these stylish coasters.

    33. These egg poaching bags will make it easier to cook up the perfect egg without those wispy white tendrils clouding up your pan!

    34. This denim apron is super chic!

    35. Saving money by making your own dinner is always good, but doing so with this microwaveable rice cooker that gets home-cooked food on the table in minutes is even better.

    36. These salt and pepper shakers are eggcellent.

    37. You'll find a matching pair of socks in no time thanks to this honeycomb drawer organiser!

    38. When it comes to pretty plant pots, this metal one is undefeeted.

    39. These handy tools will clean both sides of your specs at once!

    40. This useful holder has a lid that ensures the toothbrushes you put in it don't touch each other.

    41. If you want to fall asleep listening to your fave podcast without the discomfort of earphones digging into your ears when you turn on your side, these Bluetooth-activated headband headphones are well worth a try.

    42. This large jute laundry basket doubles as decor!

    43. If you love drinking tea and coffee, you'll probably be familiar with those gross stains that can build up in your fave mugs over time. This cleaning powder solves that problem!

    44. How stunning is this gold-look soap dispenser?!