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    27 Products Whose Before-And-After Pictures Banished My Scepticism In Seconds

    These prove that seeing is believing.

    1. I swear by this powerful degreaser spray, which cuts through my kitchen's sticky surfaces in seconds.

    2. This drop-in descaler bag is well worth a buy if you've started noticing limescale floating in your tea or coffee.

    3. This at-home eyelash lift kit really does work wonders on your lashes.

    4. Transform your fave garments in seconds with these fabric combs.

    5. You can declutter your cupboards with these airtight containers!

    6. Freshen up your carpets the easy way with this powerful cleaning powder from Vanish.

    7. Some customers say these tooth-whitening strips left a noticeable difference after just 14 days.

    8. This cuticle remover will get rid of the dead skin at the base of your nails in as little as fifteen seconds.

    9. This headlight restoration fluid will make scuffed, dirty, or yellowed lights look as good as new again.

    10. And you can basically valet your vehicle for less than a tenner thanks to this interior shampoo. It works on all synthetic upholstery!

    11. Remove the Dreaded Patch from your walls, ceiling, or grouting by using this highly-rated mould remover.

    12. Get rid of those pesky water stains and mug rings by using this specially-designed cloth!

    13. This grout-reviving pen will refresh the spaces in between your tiles.

    14. If you've got a pet, you'll seriously appreciate this reusable hair-removing roller.

    15. You can store up to five items of clothing using the rail space of just one hanger thanks to these genius drop-down devices.

    16. This eyebrow tint claims to last for up to six weeks – four weeks in, I have yet to be disappointed.

    17. Keep your skin hydrated with some of this O'Keeffe's hand cream.

    18. These foot peel masks have some disgustingly satisfying before-and-after pictures.

    19. This highly-rated mascara will lengthen and thicken your lashes without leaving any clumps behind.

    20. Let's face it, we've all got some pots and pans that are beyond the help of an ordinary scourer. These incredible sponges will tackle burnt-on stains and discolouration with ease!

    21. This cable tidy box is just. So. Satisfying.

    22. This Seche Vite topcoat dries quickly and leaves a silky, chip-resistant finish. It's helped my home manicures last for weeks (which is impressive, seeing as nail polish barely stayed on my nails for a day before!).

    23. If you're living in the UK, chances are you're in a hard water area (and that means you'll experience a lot of limescale buildup). This genius spray gets rid of unsightly mineral deposits in just five minutes!

    24. Sorry, but just LOOK at this genius cloth that removes makeup using only water.

    25. Cover up old stains and scratches on your wooden surfaces with these repair markers and crayons! They're as easy to use as they are effective.

    26. This double-sided pad will clean your pots and pans without any need for washing-up liquid – just add water and it's good to go!

    27. If your fave nail polishes have been looking a little gloopy lately, you don't necessarily have to throw them out! I've used this nail polish thinner to transform a few of my own varnishes.

    Me looking at these before-and-after pictures: