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    17 Rustic Products That Can Help Make Your House Feel Way Cosier

    It's officially cosy season.

    1. This Instagram-friendly wooden bowl and spoon set, which is handmade from coconuts and rosewood.

    2. These adorable cushion covers are a fun way to add some colour into your home.

    3. This stick-on blackboard paper, which is the perfect low-commitment decor.

    4. This large reversible throw that will give you serious comfy vibes.

    5. This very very pretty cast iron teapot.

    6. These wooden coasters, which come with an adorable holder.

    7. Some ~aesthetic~ (and amazing-smelling) candles that will give you seriously cosy vibes.

    8. This expensive-looking faux fur rug will make you feel classy and comfy (is there a better combo?)

    9. This stunning lampshade, because more light always means more cosiness.

    10. This gorge faux fur footrest.

    11. Some stunning pastel fairy lights.

    12. A wicker basket, which makes everything look more homely.

    13. This hot water bottle with a very cute knitted cover.

    14. An agate bookend set will make your novel collection look even prettier.

    15. A doorstopper that looks like a lil' fox.

    16. A draught excluder that's shaped like a cat, because of course it is.

    17. And finally, some copper tape, which you can use to transform basically anything.