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    27 Products That Were Basically Designed To Make WFH More Bearable

    Because let's face it, the novelty has MORE than worn off by now.

    1. Enjoy a bit of extra comfort while you're sitting at your desk (or kitchen table) with this lower back massager.

    2. This clip-on 'busy' light will let the members of your household know when you're too busy to be asked about the missing remote.

    3. This handy kit will help you to keep your screens sparkling.

    4. This inflatable lil' guy is about to make your desk about 500% more fun.

    5. If you're looking for a place to store your stuff and a fun activity, this make-your-own paper desk tidy is the perfect solution.

    6. This controller-shaped stress ball will help you to squeeze out your frustration with that coworker.

    7. Get ready for your work day with this extra strong coffee and mug set.

    8. This The Office diary has a frankly inspirational hardback cover.

    9. This smartphone projector will make your lunchtime YouTube sessions so much better!

    10. Stay cool by using this USB-powered desk fan.

    11. This fun personalised mousepad might make WFH a little easier to face. You can cover it with whatever image you like!

    12. This 'mute the microphone' mug makes some serious points.

    13. You can ~thoroughly~ clean the nooks and crannies of your keyboard with this Grime Slime.

    14. This cooling neck towel starts to get cold after you add water to it (and it'll stay that way for hours). It's perfect for those swelteringly hot days!

    15. Keep a photo of the Friends you miss in this peephole frame.

    16. You can refresh yourself after that lunchtime slump with a spritz of this tuberose and amber body mist.

    17. If your WFH chair has not been kind to your back, this massage roller can help to relieve some of the tension.

    18. These drumstick pens will help you to take notes in style.

    19. This wisdom-filled book might just help to motivate you when you're feeling off your game.

    20. You can get the largest of these leather cable tidies embossed. They're a great way to prevent The Dreaded Tangle forming on your desk!

    21. This pen holder looks like a giant sharpener!

    22. Store your paperwork in style with this handmade wire letter holder.

    23. This sticker is basically a national flag for all of us who are facing WiFi woes right now.

    24. Clean your desk the fun way with this mini Henry hoover.

    25. This acrylic block will make you feel like someone (or something) understands.

    26. You can use these stunning containers as pen holders, wastepaper bins, and more! They're made using recycled materials too.

    27. Make your WFH chair comfier and more relatable by popping this Michael Scott cushion onto it.