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    14 Products That Worked So Well For My Co-Workers, I Had To Try Them Myself

    Once I found out about lash lift kits, it was truly over for my bank account.

    1. My co-worker's nails always look amazing, so when she told me she swore by this Seche Vite topcoat, I added it to my basket ASAP. I've been really impressed by its silky, chip-resistant finish!

    2. I couldn't miss out on this absolute steal of a mini electric whisk after seeing it in one of my co-worker's posts.

    3. After seeing what this well-reviewed lash lift kit had done for my colleague's lashes, I knew I had to give it a try.

    4. And speaking of lashes, it's fair to say that the TikTok-famous 'Sky High' mascara has taken our shopping team by storm.

    5. NGL, I shamelessly copied my editor's interior design taste when I nabbed myself this celestial tapestry.

    6. Not a single member of our shopping team can go without these hydrocolloid patches that conceal *and* heal spots at the same time.

    7. Remember the caffeine addict I told you about earlier? Well, she reckons this matcha tea perks her up without making her feel jittery, and having recently become converted myself, I can vouch for that claim.

    8. My editor recommended O'Keeffe's 'Lip Repair' balm to me when I complained about my dry, almost cracked lips (and I'm so glad she did).

    9. So when she told me she'd also been impressed by this ridiculously highly-rated hand cream from O'Keeffe's, you'd better believe I took her word for it.

    10. My colleague treated herself to an at-home spa day with these fancy AF gold-coloured patches, and I thought to myself "that should be me too, you know".

    11. My editor and I both like to keep our hair in high ponytails, so when she told me that these coiled Invisibobble hair ties gave her the same look without tugging on her tresses I was pretty much instantly sold.

    12. And while we're on the subject, L'Oreal's 'No Haircut' cream has been a saviour for both my split end-prone locks AND my colleagues'.

    13. Nothing unites our shopping team like our love of tea except for our hatred of scaly cuppas, so it's pretty unsurprising that we all rate this limescale-busting kettle doughnut.

    14. And last but not least, both my baking-obsessed colleague and I have had our lives changed by these reusable baking mats.

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