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    23 Cute And Nifty Storage Products To Give Everything You Own A Home

    Imagine the satisfaction of finally storing your coffee pods *properly*.

    1. Put your glasses on this guy's head when they're not on your own.

    2. Hang your keys up with one of these adorable bird key holders (it's got a handy sticky pad on the back and it's magnetic too, so you can apply it easily to most surfaces!)

    3. This foundation sponge holder not only looks pretty, it'll help your sponges dry as well.

    4. Keep your toothbrush in this adorable holder!

    5. Sick of chucking your scarves over the rail of your wardrobe? Same. This hanger is a much better way to store them, and it's actually kind of pretty too.

    6. One of these adorable earphone cases will help to reduce tangles.

    7. Store your makeup brushes in this stunning holder (it's available in rose gold and gold!)

    8. Keep your headphones on this useful stand!

    9. Not only will this knife compartment keep your cutlery drawer safe, it looks really good too!

    10. Um, how insanely cute is this sheep toilet roll holder?

    11. Tidy your desk with this stationery organiser!

    12. Own a lot of socks? Try these honeycomb drawer organisers (they interlock by clicking together, so they'll fit pretty much any space!)

    13. You can store your rings on this elephant's tusks...

    14. ...and this genius organiser will store all your other accessories! (Take. My. Money.)

    15. If you use contact lenses, you'll probably love this nifty rabbit case!

    16. Got shopping bags you need to reuse, but struggle to find one when you're heading to the shops? This carrier bag dispenser is perfect (I hang mine by my keys so I don't forget before I leave!)

    17. Keep your pads or tampons in one of these handy pouches!

    18. You could spend forever trying to find the end of your sticky tape, or you could put it in this eye-catching dispenser instead.

    19. Your fresh spices belong in this gorgeous spice box.

    20. If you use coffee pods, this cactus-shaped holder is great.

    21. These salt and pepper shakers are best friends and I will not hear otherwise.

    22. You can keep loads of different items in this holder, from toothpicks to cotton swabs to hair ties. How adorable is this thing?!

    23. Turn those books you've got lying around your room into decor with these gorge bookends.

    You to all the stuff you usually lose after this list:

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