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    27 Products That Solve Problems You Probably Didn't Realise Could Be Solved

    Why am I only finding out about these now?!

    1. This nifty lil' holder dries your makeup sponge quickly and hygienically, preventing that not-quite-wet, not-quite-dry sliminess that can happen when you keep it in your makeup organiser.

    2. Get rid of that hard-to-clean dirt in between your tiles with this grout cleaning pen, which is water-based and completely non-toxic.

    3. Regular garlic presses are really hard to clean, and they can be fiddly too. This rocker is easy to use and simple to wash, and it's made from rust-resistant stainless steel too.

    4. Crumpled sheets are uncomfortable, but if you toss and turn a lot in your sleep, they can seem almost inevitable. This pack of four sheet clips has got your back!

    5. Keep your most expensive items looking as good as new with this jewellery cleaning pen, which is gentle enough to properly ~get into~ your precious metals and stones without damaging them.

    6. Clear out your ears without the need for cotton buds with this (hear me out here) wax-removing water syringe.

    7. This brush has a suction cup that sticks it firmly to the inside of your sink, so getting right into your glasses and mugs is about to become a whole lot easier!

    8. This drop-down hanger is perfect for anyone who's ever thought "Wow, for someone with almost no storage, I sure do have a lot of clothes!".

    9. Anyone who's had to pay for their own laundry detergent knows that for some reason, that stuff is actually really expensive. But thanks to this reusable laundry-cleaning egg, it turns out that keeping your clothes clean and staying within your budget can happen at the same time!

    10. Keep fishing around in a huge, jumbled cutlery drawer for one butter knife? Same. This (low-key genius) organiser from Joseph Joseph is beginning to make me question why I do, though!

    11. Messy sock drawers can sometimes feel like a fact of life, but with this pack of honeycomb drawer organisers, they don't have to be.

    12. Save your gym shoes from the washing machine (or worse, the bin) with a pair of these odour neutralisers, which are small enough to fit into a pair of shoes!

    13. These sound dampeners will make sure your cupboard doors close as quietly as possible (perfect for when you're going for a midnight snack and don't want to wake your flatmates up).

    14. And speaking of keeping things quiet, these genius rubber feet will fit easily onto the bottom of your washing machine or tumble dryer to keep the vibrations to a minimum.

    15. These ice cube trays come with LIDS, so you'll be way less likely to get annoying spills or wonky ice cubes (BRB, about to buy nine).

    16. These hydrocolloid patches will draw all the excess moisture and gunk out of your spots, helping to effectively eradicate them with zero effort on your part.

    17. If you've ever spent ages trying to get that perfect feline eyeliner flick, you've probably wished for something like these eyeliner stamps!

    18. A radiator cleaning brush that'll tackle what's probably one of the grossest parts of your home (seriously, take a peek down your heaters).

    19. These oven stickers will make your worn-out signs legible again, so you won't have to play a guessing game every time you cook.

    20. Make sure you know whose charger is whose with a pack of these cable labels.

    21. This stapler doesn't require any staples (I know, right?), so you'll never run out at just the wrong time.

    22. Fall asleep to your fave podcast with this Bluetooth-enabled headphone band, which lets you listen to your playlists comfortably no matter what position you're in.

    23. This takeaway dice makes it so much easier to work out what to have for dinner!

    24. Yes, mopping your floors is important, and no, knowing that doesn't make actually doing it any easier. You know what does, though? This incredible mop, which has a spinning mechanism in the drain that'll help you dry your floors faster.

    25. This handy (get it?) palette will let you mix your foundations without having to worry about accidentally smearing it all over your clothes or hair when you touch them.

    26. These no-tie shoelaces will transform your favourite trainers into slip-ons in no time!

    27. And last but most definitely not least, try out this handbag organiser if you can never find your keys in amongst all the other stuff you store in there.