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    27 Genius Products That Are Basically Living In 3021

    These products are honestly smarter than I am.

    1. Don't mind me, just ordering this folding digital kitchen scale ASAP.

    2. These genius food-preserving sheets will keep your baked goods fresher for longer!

    3. Keep your herbs alive with minimal effort by using this self-watering plant pot.

    4. Lighter always running out of gas? Don't worry – this flameless USB-powered one has got you covered.

    5. If you're sick of throwing out disposable pads for your flat mop, the chances are that you'll love these washable microfibre covers.

    6. I'm losing it over this genius wall-mounted brush that your pets can use to self-groom! It'll ensure that all their loose hair has been removed before they get a chance to moult on your sofa or other soft furnishings.

    7. This retractable washing line snaps back into its casing when it's not in use, so you'll be able to dry your clothes no matter how small your outdoor space is.

    8. These cedar wood rings naturally repel moths, making them a great addition to your wardrobe.

    9. These ultra-soft noise-isolating earphones are designed for people who like to listen to podcasts or music as they fall asleep (genius, right?!).

    10. I'd tried every hack in the book to keep my freezer ice-free before finally landing on these frost-preventing freezer liners.

    11. Anyone who wears glasses will appreciate this anti-fog spray, which is especially useful when you're wearing a face covering.

    12. This sofa saver will make your cushions way less likely to sag over time.

    13. This stunning nail polish changes colour according to the temperature of the room it's in.

    14. Detergent can be really expensive, so it's a good thing this eco-friendly laundry egg is so highly-rated. It'll last you for up to 210 washes!

    15. If you love writing things out physically but wish you could save your words digitally, this app-enabled notebook is here to help.

    16. You can turn a water bottle into a humidifier with this lil' guy (the future is HERE).

    17. This water-repelling treatment will make driving in the rain that little bit easier. It's ideal if your windscreen wipers can't keep up with British downpours!

    18. If you're sick of having to deal with those annoying bumps and red patches after hair removal, we have something in common. This soothing post-shave balm is here to help!

    19. This car dehumidifier bag has converted some sceptical reviewers who had previously seen fogged-up windshields as an annoying fact of life.

    20. These hydrocolloid patches will cover AND heal your spots.

    21. This 4head stick claims to get rid of your headache in less than two minutes – if the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like it's doing something right.

    22. Walk your dog without having to carry bags in your pockets by using this sleek dispenser keyring. It doubles up as a torch, which is perfect for those longer evenings!

    23. This shower shield solution will protect your unit from soap stains, fingerprints, and streaks.

    24. This (kind of gorgeous) car bin is deep enough to hold a lot of rubbish, and so sleek it'll fit seamlessly into your vehicle.

    25. Sorry, but how clever is this collapsible colander?!

    26. This eco-friendly Magnoball will draw all the limescale out from your washing machine or dishwasher! It can last you for up to five years.

    27. Love the look of false lashes but hate how difficult they are to apply? This magnetic lash and eyeliner set will do all the hard work for you, and you won't have to worry about getting clumps of glue in your natural eyelashes either.

    My life after I buy these products: