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    22 Products From Oliver Bonas' Up-To-70%-Off Summer Sale You'll Probably Want To Own ASAP

    These were in my basket in 0.002 seconds.

    In case you didn't know already, Oliver Bonas are having an up-to-70%-off summer sale right now. We went through their range of discounted products to find our fave picks!

    1. Save 70% on this extra-small ruffia makeup bag.

    2. This glass water bottle is better than half price!

    3. This mandarin and lotus-scented candle looks as good as it smells. It's 31% off at the moment!

    4. This patchouli & cedarwood-scented bath oil is a steal at over 46% off.

    5. This 70%-off velvet keyring pouch comes in all the letters of the alphabet.

    6. These stunning jute coasters are over 35% off.

    7. Snap up this set of two gorgeous jewellery boxes for half price!

    8. BRB, just buying this half-price earthenware vase immediately.

    9. The only thing better than these salt and pepper shakers is the fact that they're 61% off!

    10. This half-price tasseled cotton throw is sure to stun.

    11. This 36%-off jumpsuit will look equally good dressed up or down.

    12. Don't mind me, just drooling over this breathtaking half-price clutch bag.

    13. If you want to look ~businesslike~ but not boring, this better-than-half-price pink blazer is pretty much perfect.

    14. This canvas backpack looks way more expensive than it actually is (and that's BEFORE its current 26% discount).

    15. If the gorgeous design of this drawstring backpack isn't enough to convince you to buy it, its 40% discount just might be.

    16. This half-price duffle bag doesn't need to look as chic as it does, but here we are.

    17. This 35%-off celestial bracelet is about to become the star of your jewellery collection!

    18. And speaking of stars, this astrological 2020 journal is currently down a stellar 50%.

    19. Just when you thought this patchouli & cedarwood bath oil and pillow mist set couldn't get any better, its 49% discount comes along.

    20. The seagrass and amber-scented oil in this metallic diffuser set will last for about 10-12 weeks, which makes its 30% discount even more impressive.

    21. This metal photo holder is down by an impressive 30%!

    22. You won't need a lampshade to turn this large LED bulb into a centrepiece – its metallic gold top half will do that for you! You can grab it for 60% off at the moment.

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