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    21 Highly Effective Time-Saving Products Busy People Will Probably Love

    It's about time you started saving time.

    1. These tumble dryer balls help to dry your clothes faster, and they'll soften them too.

    2. This de-shedding tool has gotten 19,839 reviews with a 4.7 star average from customers who say it gets rid of their pet's excess fur in no time.

    3. Get rid of those notoriously hard-to-clean stains on your grouting with this handy pen.

    4. This fabric shaver will get rid of the bobbles from your clothes without damaging them (yes, please).

    5. These toilet gels basically clean your toilet bowl for you with every flush, and they're incredibly easy to apply too.

    6. This boar bristle brush will smoothen your hair and reduce frizz in a couple of minutes.

    7. This garlic rocker is not only easier to clean than a regular garlic press, it makes mincing cloves faster too.

    8. Clean your most precious stuff as quickly (and safely) as possible with this handy jewellery cleaning pen, which is strong enough to thoroughly clean gems and precious metals without damaging them.

    9. This makeup remover cloth gets rid of your cosmetics using only water, and it's completely reusable too.

    10. Want to get rid of that chip in your paint without bringing out a full DIY kit? This low-commitment repair paint could help.

    11. This highly-rated stick is filled with levomenthol, which it claims will reduce your headache pains in two minutes(!).

    12. This tiny cutting tool works for everything from blister packs to duct tape, and it fits right onto your keyring too!

    13. Boost your Wi-Fi's reach at home with this extender, which has over 6,560 reviews with a four-star average rating!

    14. This Bourjois instant-dry oil will help any nail polish dry twice as quickly as it would otherwise.

    15. If you want to transform your hair without any real effort, these gorge clips are a great way to make your thrown-together weekday hairstyles look more deliberate.

    16. Make sure your travel card is always close to hand with this handy stick-on wallet.

    17. Get rid of the limescale from your kettle in ten minutes with this drop-in descaler bag.

    18. This jacket potato cover helps you to cook the perfect midweek meal way faster than you would otherwise.

    19. This feather pen applies multiple fine lines to your brows at once, giving the illusion of thicker, fuller (but not blocky) brows in no time.

    20. Dry your hair faster with one of these microfibre hair turbans!

    21. And last but not least, you can set your eye makeup securely with this lid lock cream from Barry M, which means you won't have to spend as much time touching up your makeup throughout the day.