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    53 Products That Solve So Many Problems, I Feel Stupid For Not Buying Them Sooner

    These are seriously smart!

    1. This reusable barbecue and oven liner will make cleaning up after a grill or roast about 500% easier. It comes in a huge roll, so you can cut out a mat that fits the job *exactly*! Oh, and it's completely dishwasher-safe too.

    2. This cable tidy box is just. So. Satisfying.

    3. Place this cooling gel insert into your pillow for a refreshing sleep if, like me, you often overheat at night. You won't even need to refrigerate this insert before using it thanks to its stay-cool filling!

    4. This sink tray encourages air circulation, meaning whatever sponge or brush you place on it will dry before you have to use it again.

    5. Keep your floors sparkling with the help of this reusable flat mop pad. It's machine-washable!

    6. Seeing this stain-removing bar of soap from Vanish made me regret all the times I double-washed an item of clothing in an attempt to get rid of a mark.

    7. This cleverly-designed kitchen gadget will allow you to roll out dough without getting flour or butter on your fingers (ugh, the dream).

    8. These deep-cleaning Nespresso pods are honestly life hacks.

    9. Unlike other brands, this sunshade will reach all the way down to the edges of your car window.

    10. Reviewers rave about this whitening tooth powder, with some saying they've noticed a difference after just a couple of uses.

    11. This sofa saver will make your cushions way less likely to sag over time.

    12. This post-shave balm is designed to prevent the redness and annoying little bumps that some people (like me) have to deal with after hair removal.

    13. This extra-strength stain remover will get rid of tough marks (such as red wine, chocolate, and coffee) from your soft furnishings.

    14. This salicylic acid-infused soap is seriously clever! It'll decongest your skin and remove excess oils from your face.

    15. Fix that annoying patch in your bath or sink in seconds by using this enamel touch-up pen.

    16. This genius sponge scourer will deep-clean your sinks, showers, baths, and more without scratching them up.

    17. Protect your countertops from scalds and burns by using these heat-resistant silicone trivets. They work as a jar gripper, spoon rest, and more!

    18. If you're tired of cleaning your loo only to realise that bleach won't budge the limescale buildup at its base, this highly effective pumice stone is here to help.

    19. This Bar Keepers Friend cleaning powder will make your grimiest kitchen utensils look as good as new again, so you'll be motivated to get cooking!

    20. These plastic drain strainers won't rust or scratch up your sink.

    21. This soap dish has a drip tray, so you won't have to face any soggy bar bases or sticky surfaces.

    22. If the spindle of your toilet roll holder has broken, you can replace it with this adjustable one.

    23. This genius mat will protect your crisper drawer from dirt and leaks while keeping your fruit and veg fresher for longer too. I mean, come on.

    24. These felt pads will protect your floors from scrapes and scuffs. Simply pop them onto the base of your furniture's legs and you're done!

    25. Get right under the rim of your loo with this double-sided toilet brush.

    26. I'm losing it over this genius wall-mounted brush that your pets can use to self-groom! It'll ensure that all their loose hair has been removed before they get a chance to moult on your sofa or other soft furnishings.

    27. You'll be able to dissolve the hair in your drains with this unblocking fluid.

    28. Keep your stainless steel, chrome, and glass surfaces gleaming with the help of these microfibre cloths.

    29. This shower shield solution will keep your unit gleaming between scrubs (and it'll protect your taps too!).

    30. This bamboo bath mat looks great AND is naturally water-repellent.

    31. I haven't looked back since buying these anti-chafing shorts. They're completely unnoticeable under my dresses and skirts!

    32. Banish those Dreaded Patches from your carpet or sofa with Dr Beckmann's cleaning solution.

    33. This extra-long radiator brush will clear out one of the hardest-to-reach areas of your home (seriously, take a peek down your heaters).

    34. These genius sachets turn used cooking oil solid, so you'll be able to easily clean out your deep fat fryer.

    35. If you wear makeup, you'll wonder why you didn't buy this clever SPF50 spray from Garnier sooner. Spray it over your makeup and it'll protect your skin *without* disturbing the cosmetics underneath (I know, right?).

    36. Not only does this coconut-scented deodorant from Dove smell incredible, but people also say it keeps their 'pits fresh throughout the day.

    37. These reusable copper lint rollers will work just as well on your carpets as they do on your clothes. No wonder pet owners swear by 'em!

    38. These privacy webcam covers slide across, so you can go from having a fully covered camera to enjoying a selfie session in no time.

    39. Sort out your blunt blades with this tabletop knife sharpener. It's got a suction cup at the bottom to ensure it doesn't slip while you're using it!

    40. These blind spot mirrors will make driving a little easier.

    41. These clip-on covers are a great way to protect the bristles of your toothbrush from dirt and germs.

    42. Sick of seeing the built-up crust in your kettle? This descaler ball is here to help! Just pop it in your appliance and leave it to work its magic.

    43. These RFID-blocking card covers will help to keep your details safe while you're out and about.

    44. Sorry, but your picnic just isn't complete without these mini ice blocks.

    45. If you find that emery boards don't shape your nails smoothly enough, it might be time to snap up this reusable glass alternative. It comes with a nifty buffer!

    46. These coiled Invisibobble hair ties distribute pressure really evenly, so you won't get kinks in your hair or suffer ponytail-induced headaches.

    47. Mould is a pretty common problem in the UK, but don't worry – this highly-rated removal spray has got your back.

    48. This makeup brush cleaning mat has handy suction cups on the back to ensure it doesn't move around when you're using it.

    49. If you own a car, you'll probably be glad you found this digital tyre pressure gauge.

    50. There's something so grossly satisfying about this blackhead remover kit.

    51. Make smart use of that hard-to-reach cupboard corner by placing this rotating lazy Susan holder in it.

    52. Keep your fave appliance smelling fresh thanks to these fridge deodorisers.

    53. You can add some storage to your kitchen, bathroom, or corridor without having to whip out the toolbox by nabbing these self-adhesive hooks.

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