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    24 Things You Can Get On Oliver Bonas For Less Than £10

    Most of these are well under £7, too!

    1. These white lavender incense cones are the perfect way to freshen up your space.

    2. Stay fit with nothing but your body, some space, and these cards.

    3. These eco-friendly cotton buds are made with a combination of BPA-free cotton and biodegradable bamboo sticks.

    4. Stay highly entertained with this lo-fi keychain game.

    5. Disguise and heal spots and blemishes AT THE SAME TIME with these Korean patches.

    6. Decide what to order for dinner with one roll of this takeaway dice.

    7. Sorry, but how delicious does this salted pretzel chocolate bar sound?!

    8. Create the perfect group Zoom call with these pub quiz trivia cards.

    9. This handy lil' gadget allows you to charge your iPhone and listen to music with headphones at the same time.

    10. Treat your feet to this watermelon-scented foot soak.

    11. These organic bamboo panty liners come in a pack of 24, so there's enough in here to last you a good while. They're biodegradable too!

    12. Plan ahead with this magnetic dry-erase planner (and yes, the pen is included).

    13. These dog-shaped paperclips are pawsome.

    14. This face mask contains CBD oil for a seriously calming effect.

    15. You can chill these gel eye pads in the fridge for a cooling and refreshing experience.

    16. Nourish your lips with this Skin Food balm from Weleda.

    17. Boost your bath with these rosewater-scented fizzers.

    18. This coconut oil-infused turban helps to speed up your hair's drying time and nourish it simultaneously.

    19. Exfoliate your skin with this sisal body brush.

    20. This stunning Himalayan salt massage ball looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    21. This cat-stacking game is a purrfect way to keep yourself entertained without a screen.

    22. If you're sending a gift right now, you might as well do it in this tropical-look bag.

    23. This embroidered makeup bag is just *chef's kiss*.

    24. If your sink is always filled with beard hairs (the worst), it might be time to look into this shaving bib.