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    Oliver Bonas Is Having An End-Of-Season Sale And Brace Yourself, Because The Deals Are Incredible

    *waves goodbye to paycheck*

    Oliver Bonas is currently having an end-of-season sale, and some of the discounts are genuinely impressive. We've gone through their site to find our fave deals!

    FYI — deals move quickly during sales. All available sizes and prices were in stock and correct as per the time of publication, but depending on when you're reading this, some details may have changed.

    1. This mini crossbody bucket bag is an impressive 64% off right now.

    2. This sparkly velvet dress is 50% glam, 50% ~edgy~, and right now, it's 67% off.

    3. This celestial tassel scarf is stellar, and it's 46% off too!

    4. This embroidery pouch set is almost half price.

    5. These hoop earrings are 1) gorgeous, 2) wearable, and 3) over 55% off.

    6. This stunning lil' card holder is 60% off.

    7. This mini Coco & Eve hair mask set is down 30%.

    8. This key dish is pretty and practical (AND 62% off).

    9. This black roll-neck top will look incredible with so many outfits, and the near-50% discount doesn't look too bad either.

    10. This faux leather croc-effect mini skirt is 54% off.

    11. The only thing better than this gorgeous mug is the fact that it's a third off!

    12. This solar foil-print black scarf is an out-of-this world deal at 41% off.

    13. Save 42% on this adorable mini photo frame.

    14. This medium-sized black and white storage basket makes for some fun and functional decor. You can get it for over 62% off!

    15. Save 62% on this punny book.

    16. This stunning green ceramic vase is half off.

    17. I'm a huge fan of this gold-plated ring (and the fact that it's currently over 58% off doesn't hurt, either).

    18. This set of three beautifully-wrapped mini soaps includes bergamot & yuzu, lemongrass & grapefruit, and lavender & chamomile scents. Save 30% on the set!

    19. This highly ~aesthetic~ egg cup set is probably better than your current options, and right now it's better than half price too.

    20. This basil and white clay hand cream looks as good as it smells! Save 60% now.

    21. This navy makeup pouch will save you bags (sorry) of money at 50% off.

    22. This woven plant pot cover is down 32% from its original price.

    23. Keep your food and drink cold with this unbearably cute ice pack, which is 50% off right now.

    24. You can finally get your name in lights with one of these neon letters. They're currently half price!

    25. These velvet-lined trinket boxes are 33% off.

    26. And last but most definitely not least, check out this stunning mug for 31% off.