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    There Are Final Reductions On Oliver Bonas' Sale Right Now And I'm Just Saying, It Can't Hurt To Look

    There are discounts of up to 67% in here!

    Oliver Bonas' sale is having final reductions right now with some seriously amazing deals, so we've gone through it to find the best bargains!

    1. These summery ankle socks are half price right now.

    2. This three-pack of silver earrings is down 50% right now. They'll make you smile even when you're under the weather!

    3. You're not seeing the price through rose-tinted glasses – these pink sunnies really are 44% off!

    4. This polka dot wrap dress is perfect for summer (and at over 50% off, it's pretty great for your wallet too).

    5. This stunning sports bag is almost half off at the moment.

    6. You can snap up this charming coin bracelet for 63% off.

    7. I almost can't face how pretty this 40%-off phone case is.

    8. This floaty patchwork dress is two-thirds off.

    9. And this chic card holder comes with a handy AF lanyard. Snap it up now for better than half price!

    10. If you know someone whose birthday is coming up soon, this monogrammed necklace is the perfect gift. It's gold-plated AND 67% off – I mean, what's not to love?!

    11. This half-price cotton throw would look just as good on your bed as it would on your table.

    12. These 43%-off sunnies have some serious specs appeal.

    13. Choose your initials from this selection of rose gold-coloured wire letters. They're all 58% off!

    14. Could this 35%-off brooch bee any cuter?!

    15. These cinnamon pink drop earrings are down a stunning 50% right now.

    16. You'll be over the moon with these gold-plated earrings (and you'll be pretty delighted by their 30% discount, too!).

    17. This faux snakeskin pouch is down an impresssssive 25%.

    18. These tortoiseshell earrings have been reduced by over 50%.

    19. These trainers are perfect for summer, made from real suede, and down by 30% right now.

    20. This half-price trio of mini hand creams looks incredible and is super nourishing.

    You can check out the rest of Oliver Bonas' sale by clicking here – happy shopping!