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    Not On The High Street Are Having An Up-To-70%-Off Winter Sale – Here Are Our Fave Picks

    There are some seriously good finds in here!

    In case you didn't know, Not On The High Street are having an up-to-70%-off sale right now. Here are some of our fave picks!

    1. Don't mind me, just ordering this hanging balloon-shaped light ASAP. It's 20% off right now!

    2. This stunning sunburst mirror is a steal at 20% off.

    3. Save 50% on these charcoal-infused soaps that come in all the letters of the alphabet.

    4. This canvas and leather backpack is down by a whopping 70%.

    5. These hand-crafted glass and brass leaf decorations couldn't be any more stunning if they tried. They're half price!

    6. You can personalise this 20%-off bracelet with your name *and* your birthstone.

    7. Give the little ones in your life this colour-in world map pillowcase. It comes with ten washable markers, so it'll be good to go again after a spin in the washing machine. Oh, and as if all that wasn't enough, it's 20% off too!

    8. The only thing better than these dinomite planters is the fact that they're 20% off.

    9. You can personalise this metal street sign with your surname and postcode! It's currently down by 20%.

    10. Place four of your fave images onto this 20%-off metal bookmark.

    11. Upgrade your WFH setup with this gorgeous 2021 desk calendar that's 20% off.

    12. I can't get over the fact that these beeautiful hoop earrings are half price.

    13. These 20%-off personalised plectrums will have the recipient's name written all over them (literally).

    14. And so will this 20%-off bottle opener.

    15. The only thing better than this vegan spa kit in a box is the fact that it's 20% off.

    16. You can snap up these adorable dinosaur earrings for half price.

    17. Customers say that these 100% cotton face coverings are as comfortable as they are pretty. This machine-washable pack of three is 20% off at the moment!

    18. You'll feel like a celeb every time you whip out this towel that has your name embroidered onto it. It's 20% off!

    19. Bookworms will adore one of these charming monogrammed ribbon bookmarks (and they'll probably be a fan of their 20% discount, too).

    20. You can put your name and birth flower on the label of a bottle of whiskey or vodka! It's 20% off.

    21. Place the map of a meaningful location into these 20%-off cufflinks for a thoughtful gift they'll probably use all the time.

    22. This hammered metal pendant is half price right now!

    23. This cactus jewellery stand is 1) quirky, 2) a great way to organise your stuff, and 3) 60% off. What's not to love?!

    24. There's something so adorable about this 50%-off biscuit-shaped leather keyring.

    25. You can put any message you like onto the 'paper' of this pop-up typewriter card. It's down by 20%!

    26. NGL, I ordered this half-price personalised whiskey tumbler the second I saw it.

    27. This 20%-off craft kit contains everything you'll need to crochet your own basket.

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