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    41 Home Products For Uni I'm 100% Sure You'll Be Glad You Brought To Halls

    Some of these are cute, others are useful, and all of them are pretty much regret-proof!

    1. Ensure you never miss your pre-lecture caffeine fix by nabbing this fast-boil kettle.

    2. This five-piece pot and pan set from Tefal is an absolute steal. It contains everything you'll need for day-to-day cooking!

    3. Make sure you'll always have somewhere to store your leftovers by snapping up this endlessly useful pack of seven storage containers.

    4. These double oven gloves will become a staple in your new kitchen as soon as they enter it.

    5. I hit 'add to basket' approximately 0.007 seconds after I saw this 12-piece white and gold dinner set.

    6. Once you nab yourself this inexpensive toastie maker, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.

    7. And the same goes for this absolute steal of an air fryer!

    8. This utensil bundle contains everything you'll need to get cooking.

    9. This super-soft double duvet has seriously impressed reviewers.

    10. And you can pair it with this pair of Slumberdown pillows for a seriously soothing night's sleep.

    11. This light-up rainbow candle is basically guaranteed to make you smile any time you look at it.

    12. And so is this beeautiful candle lantern IMO!

    13. Not only does this artificial fern look incredible, but it's *also* incredibly low-maintenance.

    14. Place a pic of your friends and family back home in this simple but stunning frame (or fill it with all-new uni memories!).

    15. This sea-glass colander from OXO has a wavy base that allows it to stand up safely in your sink.

    16. This stunning floral duvet set is the prettiest one I've seen in a while!

    17. And if you're after a more celestial feel, this pure cotton moon and stars set gets an 11/10 from me.

    18. If I ever seem distracted, it's probably because I'm thinking about these iridescent glasses.

    19. If you haven't gotten yourself a cutlery set yet, consider the impressively low price point of this 16-piece collection to be a sign.

    20. Customers say that this gorgeous 100% cotton bath towel is ridiculously soft.

    21. Um, four mugs for a fiver? Yes, please.

    22. Don't mind me, just losing it over this mushroom-shaped toothbrush holder.

    23. It *belongs* next to this snail-shaped storage box that'll 1) ensure nobody touches your stuff and 2) look incredible while doing so.

    24. Bring some style *and* storage to your bedroom door with these copper-look hooks.

    25. This bath mat is the perfect mixture of fun and functional!

    26. This incense holder is almost unreasonably pretty.

    27. These faux ivy strands are in pretty much every room transformation TikTok for good reason.

    28. This potato light is about to become your best spuddy (sorry).

    29. Transform any boring walls with this stunning butterfly tapestry.

    30. I find this lidded sugar pot to be highly ameowsing.

    31. As a halls veteran, I can't recommend getting your own mini fridge *enough*.

    32. This lightbulb-shaped desk lamp couldn't be any more fun if it tried.

    33. You can never have too many teatowels, so it's a good thing that this pack of five is such a bargain!

    34. This comfy ottoman doubles up as storage.

    35. Hang up your clothes, bag, and other grab-and-go clothes on this chic garment rail!

    36. These genius hanging baskets slide over your shelves to provide seamless storage.

    37. Stay cosy in the cold months ahead with this stunning waffle-weave throw!

    38. The fabric of your clothes will cling to these flocked velvet hangers, so they won't take up as much space in your wardrobe as they would otherwise.

    39. Keep your stuff safe while you move with these specially-designed boxes.

    40. Avoid the unnavigable Handout Heap by using this (kind of stunning?) box file that'll look gorgeous on your bookshelf.

    41. And last but not least, you can hang anything you want to from these self-adhesive Command hooks! They're even suitable for use in your shower.

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