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    19 Gifts From Moonpig That Are Cute AND Convenient

    Don't mind me, just ordering this entire list.

    You probably know Moonpig for their fab personalised cards, but you might not have known about their incredible gifts! We went through the entire section to find you the best products.

    1. This llama-shaped nightlight is woolly cute (sorry).

    2. You can't go too far wrong with a set of six award-winning lagers!

    3. You can get whatever message and image you like printed onto this lil' mug.

    4. These ~luxe~ bath bombs look stunning when they start to fizz. They come in a gorgeous gift box too!

    5. 50% of the proceeds from these letterbox-friendly chocolates will go to NHS Charities Together!

    6. I'm completely obsessed with this Friends-themed game of Monopoly.

    7. Potterheads will adore this colour-changing Marauder's Map mug that reveals a bewitching message when you pour hot liquid into it.

    8. And they'll probably be pretty impressed when this box of Harry Potter-themed sweets come through their letterbox, too!

    9. This tasty box of Thornton's classic chocolates comes with a "happy birthday" sleeve.

    10. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't appreciate this 'Happy Birthday' Toblerone on their special day!

    11. This birthday hamper will arrive straight through their letterbox. It's filled with chocolates, balloons, confetti, and so much more!

    12. Just when you thought it couldn't get better than a mini bottle of rose-coloured champagne, this incredible set chucks in some strawberries and cream truffles to boot.

    13. These stunning roses come in letterbox-safe packaging.

    14. This David Attenborough mug comes with some tasty ladybird-shaped chocolates.

    15. This rose gold-coloured 'congrats' balloon is designed to fit through a standard letterbox.

    16. This giant 'Happy Birthday' Cadbury bar weighs a whopping 850g.

    17. This handy kit contains almost everything they'll need to make their own rainbow cake at home!

    18. This online murder mystery kit allows you to dial in up to ten devices for a fun group activity. It doesn't matter whether all the members of the group are remote, in the same household, or a mixture of both!

    19. If you know someone who's just had a baby, these Peter Rabbit-themed booties make for an ideal gift.

    Footage of them when they open their present:

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