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    27 Very British Products That Might Just Bring A Smile To Your Face

    Including a mini Henry hoover and a giant Cadbury bar.

    1. This David Attenborough activity book is a great way to keep yourself entertained while also appreciating a legit national treasure.

    2. This biscuit-shaped bookmark is incredible.

    3. The only thing better than a Dairy Milk bar is a bloody massive Dairy Milk bar that's got your name on it.

    4. This Harry Potter-themed egg cup and soldier cutter set is almost too cute to handle.

    5. You can nab this miniature version of a British icon that's perfect for keeping your desk and sheets ship-shape.

    6. Build your own paper cityscape with this origami kit.

    7. Take your tastebuds back to a sweeter time with this letterbox-friendly selection of retro sweets.

    8. How adorable is this bus-shaped mug?!

    9. Combine two of the most relaxing things in the world – a nice bath and some tea – with these bath tea bags.

    10. Or treat yourself to a box of the real stuff with this selection of quality teas. Blends range from Assam tea to green tea with jasmine!

    11. If you're one of those people who really loves Marmite, this personalised jar is about to become your new favourite thing.

    12. Okay, so you can't go on holiday right now, but you can recreate the best part of going through duty-free by nabbing this massive personalised Toblerone.

    13. Whip up a storm in the kitchen with Nadiya's Family Favourites cookbook, because she's a national treasure for a reason!

    14. Bring on the nostalgia with this Slush Puppie-making cup and cherry syrup combo.

    15. Recreate the best days of primary school with this sports day kit.

    16. This adorable mug is a cute AF ode to half of the delicacy that is beans on toast.

    17. As if a good cuppa wasn't great enough on its own, these chocolate Topitoffs will add some tasty chocolate to the mix (yess).

    18. This Wallace and Gromit-themed book is packed with fun facts, cheesy recipes, and jokes.

    19. Cook a fry-up all at once with this (low-key genius) frying pan.

    20. This UK edition of the hit "What Do You Meme?" game is honestly better than the original.

    21. This incredible mug was designed to hold multiple biscuits at once (yes, please).

    22. Read about some extremely relatable issues with this copy of Very British Problems: Making Life Awkward for Ourselves, One Rainy Day at a Time.

    23. Transform your cupboards and drawers in no time with these Underground-themed knobs.

    24. This phone case is made to fit your device ~exactly~.

    25. Treat yourself to some sweet honeycomb straight from a Cotswold hive.

    26. I am extremely on board with this Doctor Who game.

    27. This Paddington keychain is adorable.