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    Firebox Are Having An Up-To-60%-Off Sale Right Now, So Get Ready To Find Some Fun Products For Less

    There are some serious steals in here!

    FYI, Firebox are having a huge January sale right now with discounts of up to 60%. We went through the entire range of products to find some of our absolute faves!

    1. This booze-filled mystery box is 15% off right now! Its contents are worth over £70 when sold separately, but you'll pay much less than that.

    2. This heart-meltingly cute Olaf mug is down by a cool 60%.

    3. Sanitise your phone in as little as five minutes thanks to this specially-designed UV box. Snap it up while it's still 30% off!

    4. Upgrade your WFH setup for 25% less thanks to this bed desk!

    5. Super Mario fans will lose it over this piranha plant lamp (and they'll probably be a pretty big fan of its 40% price reduction too).

    6. The only thing better than this sloth-shaped back massager is the fact that it's 20% off.

    7. Friends fans, let's just take a moment to appreciate this 20%-off Central Perk light.

    8. And the 20% reduction on this Friends photo frame is pretty perfect, too!

    9. If you love cooking and music, consider the 25% price drop on Snoop Dogg's From Crook To Cook recipe book to be a sign.

    10. This calming kit contains everything you'll need to knit your own blanket. It's 30% off right now!

    11. This colour-changing Harry Potter cauldron light is down by a bewitching 40%.

    12. Turn your smartphone into a home cinema with this cardboard projector! It's a steal at 40% off.

    13. There's 33% off this Pennywise balloon lamp.

    14. Indulge your sweet tooth with this 25%-off chocolate milkshake liqueur!

    15. These food-shaped jigsaw puzzles are down by a delicious 50%.

    16. You'll feel like a true hero every time you wear this 30%-off Superman face covering.

    17. The light is strong in this half-price Star Wars lamp.

    18. The 20% saving on these wireless STIX earphones is honestly music to my ears (I'm so sorry).

    19. This Batman-themed lamp is 1) posable and 2) 30% off. What's not to like?!

    20. This 'Big Night In' kit includes a mug, a candle, some fluffy socks, an eye mask, and a mindfulness puzzle. Not bad for 20% off, right?

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