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    26 Lockdown Purchases I Still 100% Stand By

    Not included: the random DVDs I impulse-bought while in full possession of a Netflix account.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. I got bored of cooking the same meals during lockdown, so I'm glad I bought these game-changing peanuts in chilli oil to shake my dinners up a little.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I love chucking these on top of a five-minute noodle dish or stir fry and convincing myself I'm a Michelin-star chef. 

    Price: £4.95.

    2. Once I tried this foldable shopping cart, I knew I could never go back to lugging armfuls of bags across town.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I've been keeping my shopping trips to a minimum over the past year, so I love the fact that this trolley can hold my entire week's worth of shopping. It folds into a laptop-sized case when it's not in use, so it's totally inconspicuous when I carry it to the shops!

    Price: £24.14.

    3. When I heard about lockdown easing, I knew I needed to update my makeup collection (I was running low pre-pandemic, and I had no reason to replenish my makeup bag while I was WFH). I initially grabbed this 'Healthy Mix' Bourjois foundation because of how cheap it is, but now it's my go-to skin product!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I hadn't used Bourjois for years before I saw this absolute steal online, and I'm so glad it bought me back! I love how brightening and natural-looking this medium-coverage product is on my skin – it doesn't look cakey or dull, and it covers my (pretty substantial) zit collection!

    Price: £8.36 – it's available in 12 different shades.

    4. I got addicted to TikTok during the third lockdown, so I *had* to try the legendary Pink Stuff cleaning paste. It 100% lives up to the hype!

    Amazon / Via

    This paste is made up of gritty cleaning beads suspended in a gel, so it grinds away at tough stains without scratching up whatever's underneath. It's suitable for use on most hard surfaces (it sorted out the gross rust underneath my shower controls in no time!).

    Price: £3.95.

    5. Speaking of CleanTok-famous products, this Scrub Mommy sponge has frankly left my old wire scourers in the dust. It changes texture according to the temperature of the water you run it under!

    Amazon / Via

    It'll stay firm in cold water to tackle tough stains without scratching your dishes, and it softens up in warmer liquid for lighter washing! I love using the 'smile' to clean my cutlery, and it's kept its shape after weeks of use.

    Price: £3.49.

    6. I only had to use these inexpensive teeth-whitening strips once a week to enjoy their brightening effect.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I really want whiter teeth, but the idea of using strips twice a day was completely unrealistic for me. I left these on my teeth for about 25 minutes before removing them and brushing the residue away!

    Price: £4.98 for 14 pairs.

    7. I haven't bought tinfoil or baking paper since nabbing these silicone baking sheets.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I cooked a *lot* more than usual during lockdown, which meant that I spent more on tinfoil and baking paper than I wanted to. These non-stick sheets are a great replacement for both, because 1) they're reusable and 2) the silicone material distributes heat much more evenly than other products do. I can simply chuck them in the dishwasher or wash them in the sink when they get grubby!

    Price: £4.99 for two.

    8. I've really enjoyed getting into crafts while I'm stuck at home! These watercolour pens are absolute keepers.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I'd been meaning to get a screen-free hobby for a while before I saw these watercolour pens, and I'm so glad I bought them! They're really forgiving – if you mess up or just want a softer finish, you can blur the ink with the water brush pen – but their narrow tips are super precise too. I'm an absolute beginner and love how easy and fun these are to use!

    Price: £5.97 for 12.

    9. The same goes for this box of oven-bake polymer clay!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I'm ALSO a complete beginner when it comes to using polymer clay, so I'm glad this kit came with everything I needed to get started! There are loads of shaping tools, earring and necklace fixtures, and blank pins (I love the range of colours too).

    Price: £12.99 for 26 colours, five sculpting tools, accessories, a project book, and a container.

    10. I'm pretty sure most of us had a deep-cleaning obsession at some point during the last year. This Elbow Grease spray is the best thing I've ever used on my kitchen's sticky surfaces!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    It's powerful enough to remove oil from plastics and metals without any scrubbing on your behalf. I let it sit on my hob's (frankly atrocious) grease traps for a couple of minutes and was amazed by how much oil it lifted!

    Price: £1.00.

    11. I relied on these eyebrow and peach fuzz razors while the salons were closed, and they quickly became a staple of my beauty routine.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    The blades are made from rust-resistant stainless steel that's sharp enough to trim your brows precisely without damaging your skin. I love how smooth these leave my face – they create the perfect base for makeup!

    Price: £2.99 for six.

    12. Speaking of DIY beauty treatments, this glass nail file made me wonder why I'd ever used emery boards.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    You know those scraggly bits of half-filed nail that emery boards sometimes leave behind? Yeah, I don't get those with this glass nail file. It shapes my talons quickly and smoothly, and I've been amazed by how sharp it stays even after multiple uses! As if all that wasn't enough, it comes with a useful buffer too.

    Price: £4.95 for a glass nail file, a buffer, and a case.

    13. I've been dealing with a *lot* of maskne, and it led me to try out these inexpensive acne patches. I'll be using them to conceal and heal any spot I get in the future!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I applied one of these on top of my spot and overnight it began drawing the excess moisture and gunk out from my skin, helping to dry out (and eventually eradicate) the zit. It covered the redness while it was working its magic too!

    Price: £2.98 for 72 patches.

    14. And this powerful acne cream is great at banishing larger-scale blemishes.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    It's bursting with spot-busting ingredients like pore-cleansing salicylic acid and non-comedogenic safflower oil (no wonder I noticed such a difference after just a couple of uses!).

    Price: £8.98.

    15. These ethylene-absorbing spheres prolong the life of my fruit and veg, so I don't have to waste money by throwing produce out a couple of days after I buy it.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I chuck these handy balls into my crisper drawer and fruit bowl and their carbon centres absorb the chemicals that might spoil my fruit and veg. It's helped me to cut down on emergency supermarket runs, which were annoying even before the pandemic.

    Price: £6.05 for three.

    16. And this massive roll of 50 leakproof bags has *also* helped me to cut down on last-minute dashes to the shops!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    The liners are really thick, and I love how massive this roll is (seriously, clock how strained my thumb is in the pic).

    Price: £6.05 for 50 bin bags.

    17. Working from home made me focus on all the issues in my flat that I'd ignored when I was spending most of my time in the office. This inexpensive pumice stone was the only thing that cleared the hard-to-budge limescale at the base of my loo (I'd tried every expensive chemical out there, so I was both relieved and annoyed to find out that the best option was a £2.40 stone).

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I was amazed by how quickly this block works its magic! I just rubbed the stone over the stains and watched them finally disappear (ugh, so satisfying).

    Price: £2.40.

    18. I recommend wearing these elbow-length rubber gloves when you're cleaning your toilet! I bought them to protect my sleeves from all the lockdown scrubbing I've been doing, and now I can't imagine my cleaning routine without them.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    They're extra-tough, and their tops are elasticated to prevent them from slipping down your arms. I love the *security* they offer while I'm cleaning the grossest parts of my home! 

    Price: £8.91 for two pairs.

    19. This shower shield solution means that I don't have to worry about fingerprints or shampoo stains forming on my glass or metal surfaces. It's become invaluable now that everyone in my flat is home all the time!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I share a flat with a few other people, so our shower sees some pretty heavy action. I wasn't sure that this formula would actually deliver on its promise to protect my unit from smudges and limescale buildup, but having applied it myself I now *completely* understand the rave reviews! I just had to clean my surfaces before applying the protective solution twice and then buffing it with a cloth. It's kept our shower muck-free for weeks now, and my taps no longer accumulate soap stains and finger marks the second I finish cleaning them.

    Price: £8.50.

    20. I wear these comfortable headbands all the time now that I'm WFH. They make me feel more put-together with minimal effort!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I love how broad these headbands are, and their elastic bands are incredibly soft too!

    Price: £4.99 for four.

    21. This knife sharpener totally transformed my most-used kitchen tools, making my lockdown cooking storms a breeze.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    My knives had been blunt for months before I bought this bad boy, but I'd been a bit nervous about sharpening them because I thought it'd be complicated and potentially dangerous. This tool proved me completely wrong! I just had to hold its ergonomic handle and then run my blades through both its coarse and fine buffers — the results were seriously impressive and have cut my meal prep time down significantly.

    Price: £8.49.

    22. I figured that the pandemic was as good a time as any to try these foot peel masks, and now I'm absolutely hooked.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    Okay, so this might be a little bit TMI, but my heels had gotten pretty dry and cracked before I used these masks. They were easy to apply – I just wore them like socks for about an hour and then removed them before taking a shower! The dead skin peeled off my feet over the course of the next few days, revealing softer, smoother skin underneath (I'm sorry, but it WAS satisfying).

    Price: £5.87 for one pair.

    23. My baking trays got embarrassingly grubby from all the new recipes I tried out over the past year, so I'm glad I found this Bar Keepers Friend powder.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I'd nearly given up on my (frankly gross) baking trays and tried this well-reviewed cleaning powder as a last resort. It was easy to use – I just placed it into the tin and scrubbed until the stains had gone before rinsing the grime away!

    Price: £1.49.

    24. Being unable to use the office coffee machine made me realise how much limescale was in my kettle. This drop-in descaler ball keeps it mineral deposit-free for me – I just popped it in and continued to use the appliance as normal while it worked its magic.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    Mineral deposits will collect in between its mesh wires rather than building up in your kettle. I can remove and rinse it quickly and easily whenever I need to, which is much easier than cleaning built-up mineral deposits from my most-used kitchen appliance!

    Price: £1.97.

    25. This (satisfying AF) fabric comb got rid of the bobbles on my clothes in no time, so I don't have to throw out my fave cardigans that have been sitting in the back of my wardrobe for over a year now.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    Simply run it over your clothes and it'll pick up and remove bobbles as it goes along the fabric. I've used this on my most delicate clothes without any damage, and it's completely reusable!

    Price: £2.95.

    26. These plastic drain covers protect my sink's plughole without getting rusty or scratching up my sink like metal versions can. I find that they're way easier to remove than the regular kinds, and they've helped my drains to survive the heaviest usage they've ever been through.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I've mentioned before that I live with other people, and as it happens we all like to cook! That means the sink is always at risk of blockage from food scraps, so I thought I'd prevent any issues before they start by nabbing these inexpensive strainers. Not only have I been amazed by how much debris they've kept out of my drains (was all that really doing down my plugholes before?!), but I also love how easy they are to remove and empty — food doesn't get caught in between their slots, and their plastic material is easy to wipe clean.

    Price: £3.45 for two.

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