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    49 Products That Belong On Your Birthday Wishlist This July

    It's completely fine if your finger slips and you "accidentally" send this to all your friends.

    1. You can put your name and your birthstone on this personalised necklace.

    2. And this personalised cushion can be decorated with your face!

    3. Bookworms, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this sprout-shaped bookmark?!

    4. This matchbox gift set contains a real freshwater pearl and a teeny candle (aww).

    5. BEHOLD these adorable astronaut earrings!

    6. You can print photos straight from your phone thanks to this clever device. It's compatible with all smartphones and doesn't require any Bluetooth, batteries, or even WiFi – just place your phone's screen on the top and press a shutter button for a no-fuss pic!

    7. This gardener-friendly gift set includes weeders, gloves, and seeds (among other lil' treats).

    8. I just think you should know that this pug mug exists.

    9. This milk shaker is filled with delicious sweets. It comes in blue and pink!

    10. This lil' avocado cushion is impossibly cute.

    11. This personalised 'your life in pictures' book is a genuine keepsake.

    12. This hardcover Mean Girls-themed notebook is like, sooo fetch.

    13. These cherry blossom fairy lights will brighten up any room they're in (literally).

    14. This wool-holding bowl comes with a lid, so crafters won't have to worry about kids or pets getting into their stash when they're not looking.

    15. I'm practically drooling over this bountiful Cadbury hamper. You can personalise it with a name and message!

    16. Treat your skin to these 24K gold under-eye masks.

    17. Relax in style with this ~luxe~ bath tray.

    18. You can change the name and age on the front of this Friends-themed card to suit the recipient.

    19. Fans of The Office will adore this Dwight Schrute Funko Pop.

    20. This sloth-shaped rug really has no business being as cute as it is.

    21. I'm going nuts for this Reese's gift box.

    22. Fellow bakers will adore this personalised baking kit. The spoon and spatula inside are made from solid wood!

    23. These cake toppers will make Potterheads seriously happy.

    24. These incredible candles come with birth flower labels for every month of the year! Scents include black raspberry & vanilla, and sandalwood & black pepper. Oh, and you can put a thoughtful message on it too!

    25. This Shaun the Sheep backpack is almost too cute to handle.

    26. This zebra-print picnic blanket rolls up into an easy-to-carry bundle.

    27. I can't stop thinking about this waffley good stress-relieving toy.

    28. Peep Show fans will find this JLB Credit mug reMarkable.

    29. This Matilda bag is toteally gorgeous.

    30. This selection of Toblerone bars makes for an incredibly chocoholic-friendly gift.

    31. This stunning teapot has a pretty bamboo handle.

    32. I might never get over how cute this Moomin lamp is.

    33. I find these lidded mugs to be highly ameowsing.

    34. These zero-waste plantable cards grow into stunning wildflowers.

    35. You'll be over the moon with this 'space turtles' drawstring bag.

    36. This pop-up Hedwig card is seriously impressive.

    37. This 'what would Dolly do?' mug is asking the real questions.

    38. Chill with this 'stress free' relaxation kit. It contains a range of teas, soothing cards, handmade soap, bath tea bags, and more!

    39. Bring some elefun to your desk with this wooden phone holder and desk tidy.

    40. I don't know if you've noticed yet, but this back massager is in fact shaped like a sloth.

    41. The best-selling contents of this gadget mystery box are worth £60 when sold individually, but you'll only pay about 60% of that.

    42. This 'little box of love' bath bomb kit is adorable.

    43. This beeaded trinket pot will leave you buzzing.

    44. This stellar lamp is ideal for Super Mario fans.

    45. This 'happy birthday' chocolate slab is as delicious as it is thoughtful.

    46. This USB-powered desk fan will keep you cool while you're WFH.

    47. This cookie cutter set will make your biscuits even better.

    48. This avocado-themed table tennis set is gorgeous and super fun (goals TBH).

    49. This bumper pack of retro sweets will fit right through their letterbox.