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    44 Impulse Buys Under £4 That Are Basically Regret-Proof

    *orders entire list*

    1. This genius two-in-one tinfoil and parchment paper is truly a home cook's dream!

    2. Garnier's anti-blemish face wash contains pore-cleansing salicylic acid and antibacterial zinc, so it's no wonder so many reviewers have been impressed by its results.

    3. Looking for a mascara that performs way beyond its price point? Rimmel's 'Extra Super Lash' is pretty much perfect!

    4. These noise-cancelling earplugs are perfect for sleeping *or* swimming!

    5. Maybelline's 'Hyper Precise' liquid liner has a smooth, inky consistency!

    6. Banish pet hair, dust, and other annoying lil' specks on your clothes and soft furnishings with this lint roller.

    7. Reduce the appearance of pores with this natural rose water toner!

    8. Once you've cleaned your pots or oven racks with these soap-infused Spontex scourers, I'm willing to bet you'll never go back.

    9. This oil-control soap will also exfoliate your skin!

    10. Re-seal your opened packets with these (kind of adorable?) food clips.

    11. Neutrogena's spot-control face wash is a steal at under £4!

    12. If you don't already own an ice cream scoop, consider the ridiculously low price of this stainless steel one to be a sign.

    13. You'll be able to get every last drop of batter out of your mixing bowl with the help of these plastic scrapers!

    14. Make the stains on your sofa a thing of the past with this fabric stain remover.

    15. Fellow dry skin sufferers, this deeply hydrating vitamin E cream is an absolute game-changer.

    16. And if your lips are also dry, O'Keeffe's lip balm is basically a life hack. It'll heal the skin while providing a protective barrier around it!

    17. Duck's 'Fresh Brush' set includes a hygienic handle and four flushable wipes.

    18. NGL, I bought myself one of these grease trap filters approximately 0.007 seconds after cleaning the fan above my hob.

    19. Reviewers reckon that this versatile eyeshadow palette contains every shade they need for day-to-day wear.

    20. Get ready for Halloween with this face-painting palette.

    21. These bamboo wash gloves will exfoliate your skin as you shower.

    22. This well-reviewed foot file does exactly what it promises to do!

    23. Keep your washing machine clean from the inside out with this treatment from Duzzit.

    24. These peel-off nose pore strips are ridiculously satisfying to use.

    25. And so are these charcoal-infused foot masks that'll soften the dead skin on your heels!

    26. These recycling bags are incredibly strong AND bloody massive. What's not to like?

    27. Make your own stock or flavour your stews and curries with these reusable bouquet garni bags.

    28. Dr. Beckmann's carpet cleaner has become a cult-status cleaning product for a reason! It'll remove the Dreaded Patch from your soft furnishings in minutes.

    29. This Scrub Mommy sponge will frankly leave your current scourer in the dust. It changes texture according to the temperature of the water you run it under, making it ideal for extra-mucky pots and pans.

    30. This descaler ball will prevent that Dreaded Crust from building up in your kettle. Just drop it in and continue using your appliance as normal!

    31. Ensure your clothes' colours don't run into each other by using these Colour Catcher sheets.

    32. Reviewers swear by this 'Elbow Grease' window cleaner.

    33. Transform your tresses with this TikTok-famous hair mask treatment.

    34. If you've been struck by that cold that's been going around, this Otrivine spray promises to relieve the pressure on your sinuses.

    35. Get rid of any unwanted peach fuzz or stray brow hairs with these lil' razors from Wilkinson.

    36. Keep your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro safe with the help of these tempered glass screen protectors.

    37. Customers reckon these air-activated heat pads make their muscle pain *way* more managable.

    38. This box of decadent Lindor truffles is the perfect thing to keep on hand as an emergency gift (if you can resist eating it yourself, that is).

    39. These Halowe'en-friendly opaque tights are so cheap, they're basically regret-proof.

    40. If you've got a pet (or just really hate dust), this lint-removing roller is pretty much a must-have.

    41. Upgrade your sink by nabbing this 100% recycled washing-up bowl.

    42. If your plants are looking a little wilted, this nutrient-rich fertiliser might just perk them up.

    43. Caffeine addicts will end up using these paper coffee filters all the time.

    44. And home cooks will probably feel the same about these clever slow cooker liners that'll cut down on their cleaning time!

    Me after buying all of these: