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    47 Products Under £10 That Might Just Make Your Bedroom A Better Place To Be

    Upgrade the best room in your home for less!

    1. You can grown your own terrarium for under a tenner with this lil' kit. It's got everything you need to get you started – all you'll need is water!

    2. Store your stuff right where you need it with this incredible bedside pouch. The top flap stays under your mattress to help support everything from your iPad to your diary!

    3. This V-shaped pillow is probably the best product around if you want to sit up on your bed.

    4. These postcards have definite decor potential. Either stick them onto your wall as is, place them in a frame, or just hang them up with string and some mini pegs.

    5. Use your laptop on your bed without having to worry about it overheating on the blanket with this handy tool.

    6. This useful insert will declutter The Drawer and ensure your most-used stuff stays within easy reach.

    7. This celestial pot is just plantastic.

    8. These seagrass baskets are just *chef's kiss*. Choose from five different colours!

    9. This thick yoga mat will absorb a lot of the sound from your home workout.

    10. Get rid of those crumbs in your sheets and on your keyboard (look, we've all been there) by using this adorable mini hoover.

    11. Upgrade your furniture in the most low-effort way possible with these door knobs. You can just remove your current handles and push one of these in their place.

    12. This mini desktop bin will let you dispose of those sweet wrappers by your bed. Or you know, you can put it on your desk and get rid of any work-related paper waste.

    13. Make sure your sheets stay put (even if you toss and turn a lot) by using these sheet suspenders. The straps are elastic, so they'll fit all sizes of bed!

    14. These natural-looking faux vines scream "spring". They'll bring all the freshness to your room that regular plants do, but with none of the maintenance!

    15. Keep your book, iPad, or laptop screen *just* at the right angle with one of these soft holders.

    16. Okay, so this eye-shaped wall hanging is technically bang-on £10 and not under it, but surely the fact that it looks great (and the incredible effect the crystal will have on your walls when it's sunny outside) makes up for it.

    17. Keep your sock drawer organised with this insert!

    18. This radiator brush will tackle the dirt and dust inside your heaters (gross, but also incredibly satisfying).

    19. This gorge lil' trinket box is the perfect place to store jewellery, hair slides, and more. Plus, it'll basically act as decor and storage (the dream duo TBH).

    20. Nothing says spring like these faux blossom-covered fairy lights!

    21. These drop-down tools will let you store five items of clothing using the rail space of just one hanger! Plus, the design means you'll be able to see exactly which clothes you have to hand at a glance.

    22. Help to keep your space clutter-free with this Little Book Of Tidiness. It's got everything from practical tips to mindfulness exercises and touching lil' quotes!

    23. This wooden breakfast tray gets a 10/10 from me.

    24. This small glass vase is probably the prettiest way to store fresh flowers (hello, spring vibes).

    25. Sorry, but how gorge is this cushion cover?!

    26. This incredible mirror looks like it costs way more than it does.

    27. Stay on top of your to-do list with this weekly organiser whiteboard.

    28. Yeah, I'm going to need this ceramic trinket dish immediately, thanks.

    29. This pretty hanger is a super stylish way to hang your coat.

    30. Water your plants in style with one of these incredible vintage-look misters.

    31. If you've got marks on your walls, this magic eraser from Flash can help to get rid of them using only water (yess).

    32. This deep yellow cushion cover will bring a pop of colour to your room!

    33. If you love to binge-watch in your room (which, same), you'll probably appreciate this adorable screen cleaner that'll let you see what's on your screen in the clearest way possible.

    34. How sweet are these mini photo frames?!

    35. If you've got mould on your walls or ceilings, this handy spray will help you get rid of it. Just apply it to the affected area, wait about 30 minutes for it to work its magic, and then wipe it away to reveal a clean surface underneath!

    36. I'm not saying you have to store your fave photo in this lil' holder. I'm just saying, it would look pretty great if you did.

    37. This extra-strong, 3m-long lightning charger cord is compatible with iPhones and will allow you to comfortably watch Netflix in bed without having to lean towards the side of your bed that's nearest to the socket.

    38. This mini brush will help you clean those hard-to-reach spots, like the gaps in your windowsill.

    39. This constellation-themed ring holder is out of this world.

    40. If you've been meaning to buy an extension cord for a while now, consider this a sign.

    41. These marble-look coasters will prevent any annoying coffee rings forming on your bedside table next time you enjoy a cuppa. They're available in every letter of the alphabet!

    42. This stunning tapestry will cover that slightly boring wall in the most low-effort way possible.

    43. This faux fur rug looks way more expensive than it is!

    44. You can place your glasses on this guy's head when they're not on your own (goodbye, searching down the sides of your bed every time you lose them).

    45. Keep your place smelling incredible with these incense cones. There are eight scents in the pack, and the wooden tweezers mean you can handle the cones without your fingers getting dusty!

    46. You can store them in this stunning burner!

    47. And last but most definitely not least, these calming little Yankee tea light candles are designed to help you relax.