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    22 Little Problem-Solving Products That Might Make Your Old Kitchen Better

    Here's to all of us with ancient ovens!

    1. This Oven Brite cleaning kit will bring your grimiest kitchen appliance back to its former glory.

    2. These sound-absorbing dots will help to muffle the loud banging noise that old drawers love to make when you're grabbing a spoon for your 2am snack.

    3. If your oven is a freestanding unit rather than an integrated, eye-level cooker, chances are that you've burned your arm while reaching down to remove a baking tray. These simple silicone shields will prevent that from happening!

    4. It can be really hard to find a place to store tea towels in older kitchens, but don't worry – these self-adhesive hooks are here to help!

    5. If you don't have a two-compartment bin, these highly-rated recycling bags make for a great alternative. They'll sort your glass, paper, and cardboard!

    6. Your ancient fridge has probably absorbed a lot of smells over time, so it might be worth your while to invest in these specially-designed deodorisers.

    7. Home cooks will seriously appreciate this extra-powerful hob cleaner.

    8. Make sure you can actually see what you're doing during food prep by placing this strip light above your countertops.

    9. Okay, so you might not have a dishwasher, but you can nab this clever drying rack. It rolls up when it's not in use for easy storage!

    10. This over-the-tap caddy is ideal if your sink space is at a premium.

    11. Old kitchens are often filled with wooden surfaces. This low-effort polishing spray will help to bring their lustre back!

    12. Make the most out of your limited drawer space by using this cutlery organiser.

    13. Sparkling chrome and glass surfaces make even the oldest kitchens look that little bit more modern. These microfibre cloths will help you to keep them shining on an everyday basis!

    14. You know that hard-to-reach corner of your cupboard where rarely-used food goes to die? Well, this rotating lazy Susan organiser is here to make that space usable again.

    15. This handy extender will add extra functionality to your taps.

    16. Make the worn-down symbols on your oven legible again by snapping up these transparent stickers.

    17. Look, we've all got that one piece of cookware that's in need of some serious TLC. This Bar Keeper's Friend cleaning powder will totally transform your pots, pans, and baking trays, along with other parts of your kitchen!

    18. Organise the poorly-designed cupboard under your sink with this adjustable shelving unit.

    19. This descaler ball will prevent that Dreaded Crust from building up in your kettle. Just drop it in and continue using your appliance as normal!

    20. Drains no longer working at their best? These grime-busting sticks might just help water flow through them a little better.

    21. The Pink Stuff paste is a cult-status product for a reason – it'll clean everything from metal to tiles, so you can wave goodbye to that annoying rust at the base of your taps.

    22. This clever mat can be used to protect your sink or draining board, so you won't have to worry about water stains and scratches.

    Your kitchen after you nab these: