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    I Used To Be A Cleaner – Here Are 22 Cleaning Products I Think You Should Own

    Including the best cleaning paste, and cloths that won't leave streaks on your glass.

    1. Teflon oven mats keep your oven fresh after you've cleaned it.

    2. These drain sticks will clean out and deodorise your drains.

    3. Some of this Bin Buddy stuff will stop stinky leaks happening in your bin.

    4. Flat cloths work equally well for your windows and your wine glasses.

    5. Microfibres (I really, really mean that.)

    6. A deck scrub is invaluable if you've got tiled floors or decking...

    7. ...and a good general mop, if you haven't.

    8. Microwaves can get manky – consider buying this Angry Mother cleaner, which steam-cleans your microwave in seconds.

    9. You need a really good vacuum. You just can't properly get rid of dust without one.

    10. A majority of the mess in most folks' home comes from clutter rather than actual dirt. These shelves are great!

    11. You should get a big ol' laundry basket for more or less the same reason.

    12. A good old-fashioned duster is actually worth it, I promise.

    13. Please do yourself a favour and get some extra extra strong bin liners.

    14. Carpet shampoo is worth it.

    15. Ovens can be disgusting. Consider buying some oven cleaner that's really heavy-duty!

    16. Mould is really, really common, especially in colder, wetter climates. Get this mould spray if you need to.

    17. Got a pet? Yup, that'll mess your stuff up pretty fast. Consider buying this reusable pet hair roller!

    18. These lil' bags for your compost bin will protect it from gross slimy stuff (it's made from corn starch too, so it'll biodegrade along with your banana skins!)

    19. Cream cleaner does everything. Everything. No wonder The Pink Stuff was rated five stars by 75% of reviewers!

    20. And while we're on the topic, these flexible drain cleaners are the least gross way to get hair out of your plugs.

    21. Magic erasers actually do live up to the hype.

    22. Finally, these double-sided window cleaners help make your glass extra sparkly.