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    I Tried The Best-Selling Spot Patches Our Readers Can't Get Enough Of – Here's What Happened

    Patches that cover AND heal your spots for less than £6? Of course I tried it!

    Hey! I'm Amy and I'm a nice person, but sometimes my skin treats me like an evil villain who needs to be PUNISHED.

    I've always had trouble with my skin, and now that I wear a mask whenever I go outside, I've noticed my chin flaring up a lot more.

    As you'd expect, I'm always on the lookout for a fast-acting, subtle way to get rid of my spots. So you can imagine how jazzed I was when I found out about Dots for Spots – they're hydrocolloid patches that claim to conceal and heal your spots at the same time!

    A pack of Dots for Spots contains two sheets of patches, with 12 on each. It's a small detail, but I was really impressed by the slits in each sheet which made it easy to unstick a patch – I just folded along the lines and kind of plucked one off.

    Okay, enough about the packaging – let's get to the juicy bit here (and no, I'm not talking about my breakouts). First of all, I wanted to see if this patch really would cover the spot on my chin. NGL, I expected the patches to be pretty visible, but I was genuinely amazed by the result!

    The masking was pretty impressive, but these patches claim to heal your spots too, so detective Sherlock Comedones was not done yet. The packet recommended leaving these patches on overnight – the centre turns white when the patch needs to be removed, as you can see here.

    After I took it off, there was genuinely no hint of the old spot left.

    Now for the deeply disgusting (and totally satisfying) part – you can see all the gunk this patch removed from my spot in just one night.

    I should also say that I barely noticed the patch at all! It was really lightweight and stuck firmly to my skin. In fact, I wore another patch a few days later, forgot it was on, and proceeded to take a long shower without removing it – it didn't budge or curl!

    So in case you haven't gathered yet, I've been pretty impressed by these Dots for Spots patches – in fact, I keep a pack by my bedside now! They really did conceal AND heal my zits, and they were incredibly lightweight and durable too. Not bad at less than £6 for 24 patches, right?

    Go forth and zap those zits out of existence, people!