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    36 Home Accessories From Amazon That People Might Think Are From Somewhere Super Fancy

    These will have you saying "how much?!", but in a good way.

    1. These hummingbird-shaped bookends are gorgeous.

    2. The faux lavender sprigs in these fairy lights are placed inside the bulb.

    3. This handmade rainbow suncatcher will fill your room with colourful light once the sun hits it.

    4. This handmade woven lampshade looks simply stunning whether the lights are on or off.

    5. This stained glass-look film will transform your windows in no time.

    6. This surprisingly cheap rug is made from 100% recycled material and will bring some much-needed colour to any room in your home!

    7. And this pillow cover matches the colours of the rug beautifully.

    8. Nobody will twig that these cherry blossom lights cost less than £20.

    9. This macramé wall hanging is just *chef's kiss*.

    10. This bamboo bath mat not only looks great, it's really practical too because the material naturally repels water.

    11. This eucalyptus leaf garland looks way more expensive than it really is, and it'll add some ~sophistication~ to any room it's in too!

    12. This bamboo bath caddy will hold your books, scented candle, and bath salts so you can *properly* relax in the tub.

    13. These artificial hanging vines will add maximum impact with minimum maintenance required.

    14. And they'll look stunning dripping down these luxe rope hangers.

    15. I'm in love with this trio of mini mirrors.

    16. These geometric vases are sure to stun.

    17. And if this baaa-rilliant loo roll holder doesn't win you over then I'm not sure what will, TBH.

    18. These birdcage-shaped candle holders will look equally great on your dining table or on your patio.

    19. This wall light is fun AND functional.

    20. I can't stop thinking about this rhino-shaped ottoman.

    21. This large poster is stunning.

    22. Bring some boho vibes into your home with one of these seagrass baskets.

    23. Bring some texture to your living room with these corduroy cushion covers.

    24. This monstera leaf-pattern shower curtain is gorgeous AND mould-resistant.

    25. These coasters fit together to form a cactus when they're not in use (aww).

    26. This tapestry is out of this world.

    27. Upgrade your current laundry basket with this collapsible stunner.

    28. If the light pull in your bathroom is looking a lil' underwhelming, this glam version comes with a useful chain!

    29. This ochre bedding set from Catherine Lansfield will cost you less than £20.

    30. This gorgeous mini woven basket will be a handy bit of storage around the house!

    31. These plant-watering birds are made from hand-blown glass, so they look way more expensive than they actually are!

    32. This cast iron giraffe will hold your kitchen roll with pride – and look exceedingly cute doing it.

    33. Customers say this handmade wicker changing screen is surprisingly cheap for the quality, and it comes in three different colours.

    34. These vintage-style mini posters will add a bit of colour and interest to your room, and come in at under a quid each!

    35. This large round picnic blanket looks more like a fancy tapestry.

    36. This bedside table has lots of handy storage space, is of a really high quality, and looks like it should cost double the price!