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    33 Pieces From H&M Plus That Look Incredible And Feel Like Loungewear

    Get ready to perfect the art of staying-in style.

    1. This soft V-neck jumpsuit looks professional enough for work video calls and feels comfy enough for home.

    2. Let's face it, nobody's wearing buttoned trousers right now, and this gorgeous pull-on pair proves that slouchy chic is definitely a thing.

    3. These leggings do what all great leggings are supposed to: they make you look dressed and feel like you're still in PJs.

    4. This powder-pink flouncy dress will make you feel like an undercover princess.

    5. I mean, just look at this stunning billowy cotton dress.

    6. This linen-blend shirt dress is giving me very "businesswoman on holiday". It's also available in blue with white stripes!

    7. This V-neck dress is simple and sophisticated. It's available in khaki green and black!

    8. This eye-wateringly pretty playsuit is made from a lightweight material and has a gorgeous tie waist.

    9. This full-length floral dress has big "Ophelia" energy.

    10. This A-line dress comes in a trendy and summer-friendly lilac.

    11. This denim jacket will turn whatever you throw it over into a complete outfit.

    12. This shawl-collar blazer also comes in red, and it screams "yes, I WAS ready for this business call".

    13. This relaxed, flowy dress is stunning.

    14. The side stripes on these leggings add an interesting detail to what might just be the world's comfiest clothes.

    15. This easy-breezy aesthetically please-y (I'm so sorry) dress is made from a lightweight chiffon.

    16. This jersey T-shirt dress is available in black, burgundy, and khaki green.

    17. The laces on this hoodie add something special to a loungewear staple.

    18. This pleated-collar blouse is the perfect mix of formal and fun.

    19. This off-the-shoulder dress is a definite look.

    20. This flirty lace-detail cardigan is super lightweight.

    21. This linen-blend dress is the perfect combination of glam and comfy. It comes in two different prints – plain black and white with a lemon pattern!

    22. This denim jumpsuit has absolutely no right to be as pretty as it is, but here we are.

    23. This pleated dress is very "Grecian goddess, but make it 2020".

    24. This simple puff-sleeve top will make you look really ~elegant~.

    25. Stun in this lightweight pink crepe dress.

    26. This ribbed dress is 50% comfy, 50% ~slinky~, and 100% gorgeous.

    27. This loose-knit cardigan is perfect for floating around the house in.

    28. This short dress is made from airy cotton.

    29. This tulle skirt will make you feel properly dressed up.

    30. This cotton tunic also comes in a deep yellow.

    31. This linen-blend jumpsuit will remind you it's summer even when you're wearing it indoors.

    32. Yeah, I'm going to need a pair of these linen-blend culottes immediately, thanks.

    33. This embroidered cotton blouse comes with beautiful floral details.