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    26 Highly Specific Products That Solve Problems You Probably Didn't Think Anyone Else Had

    Turns out we have more (problems) in common than you'd think.

    1. These Oral-B toothbrush covers are perfect for keeping your electric toothbrush heads clean when the regular covers don't fit them.

    2. This clip-on Tefal handle is perfect for that pot with a slightly wobbly (or even missing) handle, and it's great for taking your pan from the hob to the oven too.

    3. These little labels will let you know whose cable is whose, perfect if you're living somewhere where multiple people have the same type of charger.

    4. If you only really bake brownies for the corner pieces, you're not alone. This non-stick tin is here to help, and when you're not cooking brownies in it, the dividers are easily removable!

    5. These sheet suspenders will keep your sheets in place no matter how much you toss and turn.

    6. These shower clips are perfect for preventing that really annoying (and slightly gross) problem of your shower curtain sticking to your skin when you're washing yourself.

    7. These hob stickers will replace the worn-down symbols on your oven in a super low-effort way.

    8. This handy device will show you how much charge is in your batteries, so you won't have to try a load of different batteries in your devices to work out which one is dead.

    9. These big sticky note tabs are useful if you always mark out sections in your textbooks and then never remember what point you were making when you did it.

    10. This page holder allows you to stay buried in a book even when you're on the tube!

    11. There's nothing worse than seeing those little scummy bits of limescale floating on top of your tea. This drop-in descaler bag can sort that problem out in ten minutes!

    12. The existence of this mini hoover proves that we all have more crumbs on our sheets and keyboards than we'd care to admit.

    13. This Bin Buddy powder absorbs all the excess moisture in your liners, preventing those stinky spills and leaks from your bag.

    14. These hypoallergenic earring backs are handy to have as backups even if you aren't allergic to the regular nickel kind.

    15. Speaking of replacements, this double-ended clasp is ideal if you've lost the original from your necklace or bracelet. You won't need any tools to install this thing either!

    16. If you 1) always lose the sealing strip from your ground coffee packs and 2) often make a mess pouring the grounds out, we've got something in common. This low-key genius coffee spoon/bag clip combo solves both problems at once!

    17. Replace the missing or faded letters from your keyboard in no time with this set of easy-to-apply stickers.

    18. This tuna can strainer will help to give you properly-drained tins without covering your hands in that smelly brine.

    19. This ice tray has a lid, so you can wedge it into your freezer on its side without making the cubes inside tilted.

    20. Mould is actually a super common problem in colder, wetter climates, but don't worry – this handy spray has got your back!

    21. This bedside caddy is well worth a look (because let's face it, nobody ever *actually* wants to get out of bed).

    22. If you love to style your hair in the morning but hate placing your still-hot straighteners down on a flat surface when you leave the house (which, same), this metal holder could be seriously handy.

    23. There might not be a more frustrating everyday problem than not being able to find the lid that matches your plastic containers when you know you put it away in the cupboard recently. This useful organiser can help!

    24. If you struggle with putting fake eyelashes on, this little tool might be worth a try.

    25. If the pull-down tab is missing from your zip, this clip-on one is a really easy way to replace it.

    26. If you love to fall asleep listening to your fave podcast but hate the feeling of earphones digging into your ears, these Bluetooth-enabled headband headphones can be seriously helpful.