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    37 Highly-Rated Products Under £2 To Kick 2022 Off With

    For everything from your kitchen to your beauty bag!

    1. Get rid of the dead skin on your feet with these exfoliating peeling masks.

    2. If you're finding 2022 to be a literal headache so far, these cooling migrane strips have got your back.

    3. Banish any stickiness from your kitchen surfaces with this Elbow Grease spray.

    4. This genius stypic pencil stems the bleeding from shaving nicks and other minor cuts (I know, right?).

    5. Banish unwanted eyebrow hairs and peach fuzz with a couple of strokes of these mini razors.

    6. You can't have too many three-ply masks, so it's a good thing this set of ten disposable ones is such a steal.

    7. I'm struggling to believe that this stunning recycled shorthand notebook costs less than one Great British pound, but here we are.

    8. Garnier's green tea and hyaluronic acid-infused sheet mask is as soothing as it is hydrating.

    9. If you have pets, you'll be glad you bought this rubber brush and scraper.

    10. This folding ruler from Helix gets a 10/10 from me!

    11. Make your house smell divine for less with this wax melt. Scents range from fresh linen to bubblegum!

    12. The only thing more soothing than this fidget toy is the fact that it costs under £2.

    13. Star Wars fans will adore this light switch decal!

    14. Catch some Zzzs for less with this set of ten foam earplugs.

    15. These microfibre cloths can be used for everything from polishing smooth surfaces to dusting, making their under-£2 price point even more impressive.

    16. This genius holder will raise your bar soap off your sink's surface, so you won't have to deal with that gross sticky residue.

    17. Hate dripping teabag water near your bin when you go to throw it away? This specially-designed squeezer will help you to get the most flavour out of 'em *and* dry them out a little before you chuck them away.

    18. This extra-strong Wella hairspray has seriously impressed reviewers.

    19. I'm honestly struggling to believe how cheap this pack of five Bic razors is.

    20. Well, it looks like I'm ordering this 110g box of Maltesers today.

    21. Sticky tack is an absolute must-have for your 'odds and ends' drawer, so I'm glad this one is so highly-rated.

    22. These in-cistern Bloo blocks will keep your loo smelling fresh between deep-cleans.

    23. Fellow stationery lovers, let's just take a minute to appreciate this memo pad block.

    24. These decadently delicious Lindt truffles come in an assortment of white, dark, and milk chocolate.

    25. These scissors are perfect for both left AND right-handed people!

    26. If your washing-up brush is due a replacement, consider the ridiculously low price of this Addis one to be a sign.

    27. Add some smoothness and sleekness to your hair with this anti-frizz serum.

    28. I love the pastel hues of these folders.

    29. If (like me) you lose hair slides pretty much as soon as they come into your possession, this multipack of 24 has got your back.

    30. Customers reckon this daily shower spray really *does* leave their unit gleaming.

    31. Speaking of impressive cleaning spray, this 'Pink Stuff' one is perfect for everything from your toilet to your sink!

    32. Organise your kitchen with these oh-so-satisfying decals.

    33. Love those fancy soft-close drawers and cupboards? These self-adhesive rubber pads will give your regular ones more or less the same effect!

    34. If you straighten your hair, this heat-proof protective mat is pretty much a must-have.

    35. Whether you're trying out Veganuary or just love tasty treats, these vegan raspberry and guava-flavoured gummies are as adorable as they are delicious.

    36. These 'Hot Hands' hand warmers are perfect for the colder months. They'll last for up to ten hours at a time!

    37. And if the cold has caused your lips to become a little chapped, this aloe vera-infused Vaseline lip balm is perfect.