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    It's Your Last Chance To Buy These 101 Highly-Rated Deals From Amazon's Prime Day

    Discounted AND highly-rated? Yes, please.

    Amazon's massive Prime Day event is here, where Prime members can enjoy huge discounts on tons of products! We've looked through LOADS of their bargains for you and found some of the best deals.

      FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout both Prime Days (21st and 22nd June) to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren't already, sign up for a free 30-day trial here.   

    1. There's 56% off this Fire HD 8 tablet right now.

    2. OXO's 28%-off garlic crusher has an extra-large capacity, so you can mince more than one clove at once (hello, extra-garlicky food).

    3. If you've been meaning to try Maybelline's 'Sky High' mascara for a while now, consider its 27% discount to be a sign.

    4. Sally Hansen's cuticle remover is down by 43%. It'll banish the dead skin at the base of your nails in as little as fifteen seconds!

    5. Save an impressive 30% on this swivel chair.

    6. You can never have too much toilet paper, which is why it's so handy that this pack of 24 Kleenex rolls is down by 31%.

    7. Huawei's cult-status 'MateBook' laptop comes with a 15.6-inch screen, 8GB of RAM, and a 33% discount.

    8. The head of this toilet brush is made from silicone, so nothing will get stuck between its bristles. It's down by a clean 46%!

    9. This blackhead remover kit is 1) highly-rated, 2) incredibly satisfying, and 3) 56% off. What's not to love?!

    10. You can smell the savings with Vera Wang's 72%-off perfume.

    11. Speaking of which, this Yankee Candle smells of vanilla cupcakes *and* is 34% off. What's not to love?

    12. These 39%-off LED strip lights are stunning, and they'll help to reduce eye strain while you're watching TV too.

    13. Hoo boy, do reviewers love this 30%-off Tower air fryer.

    14. Transform your tresses with Coco & Eve's cult-status 'Like a Virgin' hair mask.

    15. You'll finally be able to hang up that picture frame without any need for tools thanks to these powerful self-adhesive Command strips. They're 51% off!

    16. These inexpensive lil' razors will help you to remove your unwanted brow hairs and peach fuzz hassle-free. They're down by 52%!

    17. Protect your skin with Garnier's SPF30 spray. Nab it while it's 58% off!

    18. Home cooks will seriously appreciate this set of six stainless steel knives (and they'll appreciate its 28% price reduction even more).

    19. Treat yourself to this 25%-off box of 42 Fererro Rocher chocolates.

    20. Pet owners will be glad they bought Shark's anti-wrap vacuum cleaner that'll prevent hair from getting stuck in its head. Save 52% right now!

    21. The only thing better than this giant tub of NIP+FAB's glycolic acid pads is the fact that it's 46% off.

    22. This teeth-whitening gel kit is a steal at 27% off.

    23. Um, a 9kg Silentnight weighted blanket for 49% off? Yes, please.

    24. Treat your skin and hair to this luxe Mulberry silk pillowcase. It's half-price!

    25. Beauty buffs, get ready for some good news – the cult-status Dragon's Blood Fix Serum is currently 51% off!

    26. Save 55% on this pack of two Real Techniques makeup sponges.

    27. And if that isn't enough, you can snap up Real Techniques' five-piece 'Everyday Essentials' kit for 45% off too.

    28. Give your teeth the most satisfying clean of their life with Oral-B's 'Pro 3' electric toothbrush. It's down by an incredible 65%!

    29. And if you're looking to buy more than one electric toothbrush, this pair of 'Pro 2' ones from Oral-B is down by 58%!

    30. This CeraVe moisturiser contains no drying perfumes or harsh chemicals. It's 48% off!

    31. Save 23% on this pair of Le Creuset mugs.

    32. You can grab this keratin-coated Remington straightener for 64% off.

    33. This ~fancy~ Elizabeth Arden 'Eight Hour Cream' is a steal at 40% off.

    34. This 3rd Gen Echo Dot is half-price.

    35. The effects of this eyebrow dyeing kit will last you for up to six weeks. It's 44% off!

    36. Save 28% on this Fitbit 'Inspire 2' tracker.

    37. And you can snap up a bargain with these 30%-off Bluetooth earphones.

    38. Reviewers say that these 42%-off false lashes look really natural.

    39. Home cooks, let's just take a moment to appreciate the 35% price reduction on this five-piece Tefal cookware set.

    40. I own this seven-in-one Instant Pot myself and love how low-hassle it makes my meals. It's currently 44% off!

    41. Stock up on dishwasher tablets with this pack of 90 from Finish. It's 57% off right now!

    42. Save a stunning 30% on these waterproof string lights.

    43. Okay, but how fun does this 33%-off Baby Yoda LEGO kit look?

    44. Enjoy some serious shavings (I'm so sorry) with this 62%-off Braun beard trimmer.

    45. If the summer sunlight has been waking you up too early, it might be time to nab this 20%-off sleeping mask.

    46. This specially-designed spray will prevent your glasses from fogging up, so they'll make your biggest face mask woe history. It's down by 46%!

    47. Give yourself a salon experience at home with this 54%-off facial steamer.

    48. You'll be able to unleash your inner artist for 29% less with these watercolour pens.

    49. There's a gorgeous 51% discount on this jade roller and scraper set right now.

    50. These Sterling silver pearl earrings are 38% off right now.

    51. These stunning floating shelves were an absolute bargain even BEFORE their 48% price reduction.

    52. These 34%-off gin glasses are stunning (and they'd make an amazing gift).

    53. Add some storage space to your bathroom with these self-adhesive shower shelves. They're down by 23%!

    54. Prep your skin for 45% less with Rimmel's 'Fix & Perfect' primer.

    55. Treat yourself to these moisturising bath bombs. They're down by 70%!

    56. If a loved one's birthday is coming up soon, they'll never need to know you got them this extensive gift set for 35% off.

    57. Your skin will thank you for buying CeraVe's hydrating cleanser, and your wallet will thank you for its 30% discount.

    58. And for all the spots that skincare can't cover, Rimmel's 'Hide the Blemish' concealer is ideal. It's currently reduced by 27%!

    59. Release some tension with this shiatsu back and neck massager that's 23% off.

    60. I'm honestly kicking myself that I didn't wait to buy this Bluetooth-enabled eye mask now that it's 32% off. It has small speakers in its sides, so you can listen to your fave music or podcasts while you sleep (don't worry, the speakers are too thin to dig into the side of your face as you lie on them!).

    61. Cleanse your skin with L'Oréal's 51%-off clay mask.

    62. And you can add some serious hydration to your face too with Neutrogena's half-price cult-status HydroBoost moisturiser!

    63. If you never have enough room on your phone for all your pictures, games, and videos, this 128GB microSD card is ideal. It's 27% off!

    64. Save 46% on this single malt Scotch whiskey.

    65. Add the finishing touch to your makeup look with Rimmel's 51%-off pressed powder.

    66. Planning to go camping this year? This two-person Coleman tent is 51% off.

    67. I've used NYX's 'Micro Brow' pencil myself and love how precise it is. Snap it up for 28% off!

    68. Enjoy a 40% discount on this ridiculously popular 'Exploding Kittens' card game.

    69. Customers swear by L'Oréal's lash serum. It's down by 49%!

    70. Style *and* dry your hair at the same time with Revlon's 43%-off styler.

    71. And Toni & Guy's deep-barrel waver is a bargain at 55% off.

    72. Reduce the appearance of scars with this 39%-off Bio-Oil.

    73. NYX's 'Ultimate' eyeshadow palette is perfect for day-to-day wear AND more dramatic looks. It's reduced by 48%!

    74. This oil-absorbing Revlon roller will make disposable sheets of blotting paper a thing of the past. It's got an impressive 38% discount right now!

    75. Upgrade your current phone to the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 10! It's 26% off right now.

    76. This voice-activated Fire TV stick is down by 46%.

    77. These 44%-off Sennheiser headphones have seriously wowed customers.

    78. Give yourself an at-home spa day for 42% less with Garnier's 'Discovery' sheet mask collection.

    79. Stay stocked up for summer with this six-pack of Dove deodorant. It's 21% off!