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    19 Affordable Skincare Products That Reviewers Swear By

    Get your glow on for less!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. I've used The Ordinary's AHA peel myself and have been seriously impressed by the results.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    Leave some of this peel on your face for about ten minutes and it'll clear your skin of dead skin cells, excess oil buildup, and other impurities! You'll only need to apply a little bit of this stuff a couple of times a week, so this bottle will last you for ages.

    Rating: 4.1-star average rating from 6,073 reviews.

    Price: £5.33.

    2. This retinol serum will plumpen your skin, giving a bouncy, youthful effect!

    Amazon / Via

    This serum is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, like brightening vitamin C and soothing aloe vera. Reviewers say their skin feels plumper and smoother after just a few uses!

    Rating: 4.7-star average rating from 1,107 reviews.

    Price: £4.87.

    3. Garnier's Moisture Bomb sheet mask will work its deeply-moisturising magic in just 15 minutes.

    Amazon / Via

    It's infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid, calming green tea extract, brightening pomegranate extract, and so much more – so your skin will glow AND become more moisturised after use. Folks love how long-lasting the effects are!

    Rating: 4.7-star average rating from 1,975 reviews.

    Price: £1.95.

    4. This niacinamide serum from The Ordinary is a cult-status product for a reason. It'll help to decongest your pores!

    Amazon / Via

    One of the great things about niacinamide is that it mixes really well with other active ingredients (it helps to absorb moisturiser brilliantly). It works as a brightener, a smoothing agent, and an anti-ageing serum!

    Rating: 4.4-star average rating from 3,332 reviews.

    Price: £5.42.

    5. This Vitamin C serum will exfoliate and brighten your skin.

    Amazon / Via

    You'll only need to use a few drops of this stuff to benefit from its hydrating and smoothing formula! Vitamin C is both a chemical exfoliant and a brightener, and the serum contains hydrating hyaluronic acid too.

    Rating: 4.6-star average rating from 3,416 reviews.

    Price: £5.87.

    6. This hyaluronic acid serum binds to the water that's already in your skin to make sure it stays exactly where it should.

    Amazon / Via

    Rather than just sitting on top of your face like some moisturisers can, this hyaluronic acid gets ~right into~ your skin to hydrate it from the inside out.

    Rating: 4.5-star average rating from 4,321 reviews.

    Price: £5.87.

    7. This Healing Clay face mask will draw out impurities from your skin without stripping it of moisture.


    Just mix the clay with some apple cider vinegar or water before smoothing it onto your face. Leave it on for ten minutes max – the all-natural formula will have decongested your pores and softened your skin!

    Rating: 4.5-star average rating from 827 reviews.

    Price: £12.98.

    8. These hydrocolloid patches are perfect for those annoying breakouts, because they conceal AND heal your spots at the same time.


    Apply one on top of a spot and it'll begin drawing the excess moisture and gunk out from your skin, helping to dry the pimple out and eventually eradicate it. Customers are seriously impressed by how effective these are!

    Rating: 4.2-star average rating from 3,038 reviews.

    Price: £5.99 for 24 patches.

    9. These under-eye patches will brighten and de-puff your skin.

    Valeza Bakolli / BuzzFeed

    They're filled with a plumping and rejuvenating formula that's packed full of collagen. Aside from being an absolute bargain, these patches are intensely hydrating and soothing too!

    Rating: 4.3-star average rating from 1,514 reviews.

    Price: £9.99 for 25 pairs.

    (Psst –  that jade roller has gotten some pretty rave reviews too! It's a great way to work serums into your skin without transferring the oils from your hands onto your face – you can grab it here for £12.45).

    10. Some reviewers swear by this cult-status Bio-Oil to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

    Amazon / Via

    It combines nourishing vitamins A and E with plant extracts to create a highly-absorbent oil that will boost the elasticity of your skin. It works on your face and on your body – just apply it with circular motions and leave it to get to work!

    Rating: 4.7-star average rating from 14,741 reviews.

    Price: £8.95.

    11. This O'Keeffe's hand cream is seriously moisturising! It doesn't have a greasy feel or leave a chalky finish, either.

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    I use this cream on everything from my hands to my elbows. It contains allantoin, which makes sure that the moisture already in your skin stays there and creates a protective barrier against drying forces.

    Rating: 4.7-star average rating from 19,768 reviews.

    Price: £5.89.

    12. This Nivea Q10 night cream contains hydrating glycerin, anti-ageing creatine, and so many more moisturising and nourishing ingredients.

    Amazon / Via

    This cream claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – and if the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like it's got to be doing something right. Reviewers say it's incredibly effective, especially at its price point!

    Rating: 4.7-star average rating from 944 reviews.

    Price: £4.99.

    13. The Ordinary's caffeine solution is anti-inflammatory, so it's the perfect way to make the bags under your eyes less noticeable.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    This serum visibly reduces eye contour pigmentation and puffiness! It's got a high concentration of circulation-boosting caffeine and calming green tea, so the skin under your eyes won't look as discoloured or as inflamed.

    Rating: 4.3-star average rating from 1,173 reviews.

    Price: £6.00.

    14. If you want the benefits of an ~intense~ skincare routine without the faff, these NIP+FAB glycolic patches are perfect. They've helped to get rid of those annoying blackheads on my nose!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    They contain exfoliating glycolic acid and decongesting salicylic acid, among loads of other skin-reviving ingredients! They're designed to be used just before you fall asleep, so I keep a tub on my bedside cabinet for easy access.

    Rating: 4.5-star average rating from 4,077 reviews.

    Price: £12.50 for 60 pads.

    15. Cetaphil's gentle cleanser contains no irritating fragrances, so it's perfect for use on sensitive skin.

    Amazon / Via

    Its non-comedogenic formula won't block your pores or dry out your skin! Reviewers say it feels really light, despite its powerful cleansing properties.

    Rating: 4.5-star average rating from 3,347 reviews.

    Price: £4.25.

    16. This salicylic acid-infused soap will decongest your skin and remove excess oils from your face.

    Amazon / Via

    It's embedded with apricot kernels to help scrub and exfoliate your skin while you use it. The anti-blemish salicylic acid in this has helped some folks to get rid of their acne (seriously, check out the before-and-after pictures in the reviews section).

    Rating: 4.3-star average rating from 5,111 reviews.

    Price: £5.89.

    17. Sure, you could spend loads of money on an all-natural toner – but why would you when this cheap AF rose water exists?

    Amazon / Via

    It'll tone and moisturise your skin, and because it only has three ingredients, you won't have to worry about any harsh chemicals. Some customers recommend diluting this triple-strength rose water before use – not only is it gentler on the skin, but it'll make this (already great-value) product last way longer.

    Rating: 4.4-star average rating from 1,941 reviews.

    Price: £3.95.

    18. Swipe this Naturally Clear witch hazel blemish stick across your breakouts for a calming, cleansing effect.

    Amazon / Via

    Dab this stick over the affected areas for a fast-acting, oil-eliminating solution! It contains antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients, like witch hazel, bark extract, and glycerin. People have been amazed by how well this product performs for less than £2!

    Rating: 4.6-star average rating from 705 reviews.

    Price: £1.78.

    19. You'll be able to cleanse and nourish your skin with a single swipe of these Yes To Cucumbers wipes.

    Amazon / Via

    The packet has a handy snap lid, so the wipes inside won't dry out between uses! The wipes themselves are made with 100% natural plant cellulose, and the formula they're infused with will soothe and brighten your skin.

    Rating: 4.3-star average rating from 4,277 reviews.

    Price: £7.00 for two packs of 30 wipes.

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