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    32 Ridiculously Highly-Rated Deals From Amazon's Boxing Day Sale

    Cheap AND highly-rated? Yes, please.

    It's Boxing Day – one of the biggest sales of the year where you can enjoy huge discounts on tons of products! We've looked through LOADS of highly-rated bargains on Amazon and found some of the best deals for you.

    FYI — deals move quickly on Boxing Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately.

    1. Keep your dyed blonde hair looking lustrous for 47% less thanks to this Aussie purple shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask set.

    2. Hoo boy, do reviewers love this 32%-off blackhead extractor kit.

    3. Snap up this stunning fleece throw for 32% off.

    4. Start 2021 on the right foot with this 15%-off fitness tracker.

    5. You'll feel like you're in a spa while using this 36%-off lash lift kit.

    6. The only thing better than Calvin Klein's unisex 'CK One' scent is the fact that it's 55% off right now. Folks love its refreshing smell!

    7. This pair of Oral-B 'Pro 2 2900' electric toothbrushes is a steal at 58% off.

    8. Upgrade your food prep sitch with this set of six stainless steel knives. They're currently down by 35%!

    9. These 15%-off colour-changing LED strips are a great way to reduce eye strain while you're watching TV.

    10. Don't mind me, just ordering this soothing 6.58kg weighted blanket while it's still 15% off. Reviewers say that the pressure it creates is incredibly calming!

    11. Customers say that the colourful shades in this 15%-off eyeshadow palette are incredibly highly-pigmented.

    12. Lengthen, curl, and define your lashes with this 20%-off waterproof silk fibre mascara. It's waterproof and smudge-proof!

    13. Home chefs will appreciate both this silicone spatula set AND its 20% discount.

    14. These adorable hydrating bath bombs smell as sweet as they look. The pack of six is now reduced by 15%!

    15. These drop-down hangers will save you plenty of space in your wardrobe (and at 34% off, they'll save you money too).

    16. This 24%-off adjustable tablet holder is seriously sleek.

    17. Nab this pair of Sony's 'Extrabass' headphones for 21% off.

    18. Decongest your pores with NIP+FAB's 19%-off 'Teen Skin Fix' night wash.

    19. You can reuse these bamboo-based makeup removal rounds as often as you like – they're completely machine-washable! Save 39% on this pack of 20.

    20. This extra-strength retinol serum will exfoliate, brighten, and plumpen your skin (not bad for 15% off, right?).

    21. Keep yourself entertained without any screens by playing this 'Buzzed' drinking game. It's 25% off!

    22. You can smell the 17% savings on this cinnamon-scented Yankee candle.

    23. Finally hang up that picture frame or wall hanging using these 28%-off Command strips!

    24. I'm losing it over this genius self-grooming cat brush (and I'm a pretty huge fan of its 59% discount, too).

    25. ~Deeply~ hydrate your skin by using NIP+FAB's 'Dragon's Blood Fix' hyaluronic acid. It's better than half price at the moment!

    26. Save an impressive 64% on this easy-to-store resistance band.

    27. Stay warm at night by using Slumberdown's 33%-off electric blanket.

    28. Save 43% on this powerful Shark upright vacuum cleaner.

    29. The lid of this 37%-off Joseph Joseph bread box doubles up as a cutting board.

    30. This bottle of Jack Daniel's Limited Edition whiskey is currently 38% off.

    31. Power up all those Christmas gifts by using this pack of 40 AAA batteries. They're down by 38%!

    32. Disney lovers will adore this extensive 'Storytime Collection' that includes 15 books from the classic films. It's reduced by 55%!