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    47 Products To Try If Your Standards Are High But Your Budget Is Low

    All of these are under £10!

    1. I'm a pretty huge fan of this sheep-shaped holder.

    2. This mould remover spray has gotten some great reviews from customers who say it really does transform their walls and ceilings.

    3. This fabric shaver will get rid of the bobbles on your clothes without damaging the fabric underneath. Its innovative handle makes it really easy to use!

    4. This universal stopper is ideal if you've lost the original plug for your bath or sink.

    5. Customers say all the shades in this gorge palette are super pigmented! (But seriously, check out the reviews on this thing).

    6. Folks really seem to love this eyelash-lengthening serum which is packed full of peptides and vitamin E!

    7. Keep your fridge shelves clean with these specially-designed liners!

    8. This drop-in descaler bag will remove the limescale from your kettle in about ten minutes (yessss).

    9. This set of ten collagen-enriched masks will make you feel seriously ~luxe~.

    10. This bamboo bath mat is naturally water-repellent, so it won't get soggy and gross the way other materials can.

    11. This trio of clay masks will help to draw out impurities from your skin!

    12. If you love cooking but hate your blunt kitchen tools, this trio of chef's knives is really highly-rated.

    13. Keep your brows looking great between waxing and tweezing sessions by using these eyebrow razors.

    14. If your houseplants are looking a little sad ATM, this nutrient-packed plant food is well worth a shot.

    15. Ensure everyone knows whose bin is whose with these personalised stickers. They're weatherproof!

    16. These astronaut earrings are honestly out of this world.

    17. You can camouflage and heal your spots at the same time thanks to these hydrocolloid patches.

    18. If you like keeping your fruit and veg fresh for as long as possible (and who among us doesn't?), these ethylene-absorbing spheres are perfect.

    19. This Denman shower brush will help to detangle your hair AND thoroughly work in your shampoo. No wonder it's gotten such rave reviews!

    20. Store your razors and toothbrushes the smart way with this self-adhesive stainless steel caddy.

    21. How insanely cute is this Chip mug?!

    22. This mini dustpan and brush set will help you clean everything from your toaster to your windowsills.

    23. Make your car that little bit better with these mini stick-on mirrors that'll help you better see your blind spot.

    24. This llama trinket dish gets a 10/10 from me.

    25. Just LOOK at these elephant-shaped salt and pepper shakers.

    26. This cooling gel insert will keep your pillow cold no matter the weather. It's got a stay-cool filling, so you won't even need to refrigerate this thing!

    27. If you love to run but hate the blisters it sometimes causes, these Compeed plasters will cushion your skin while healing the damage.

    28. These lights come in all the letters of the alphabet.

    29. Make your windows look way more ~glam~ with this stained glass-look film.

    30. These ant bait stations will tackle your infestation at its source.

    31. This vitamin C serum will brighten and exfoliate your skin.

    32. I'm not gonna lie, these blossom fairy lights are on my mind a LOT.

    33. Freshen up your suede of nubuck shoes with these brushes.

    34. Keep the base of your oven clean with these Teflon liners.

    35. You can personalise this phone case with your name! Choose your phone's make and model from its wide range of options.

    36. How sweet are these ladybird-shaped bag clips?!

    37. De-stress in the cutest way possible with this pug-shaped squeeze toy.

    38. This Reese's chocolate hamper is letterbox-friendly.

    39. This squeezer will ensure you get every last drop out of your teabag.

    40. These gross-but-satisfying foot peel masks will remove dead skin from your heels.

    41. Keep your loo smelling fresh with these scented discs. They come with a handy applicator that means you won't have to touch the inside of the toilet rim!

    42. Customers say these teeth-whitening strips really do deliver results.

    43. This gorgeous rug is made from 100% recycled materials!

    44. You can make a run-of-the-mill light fixture look ~luxe~ with this pair of Edison bulbs.

    45. This glass nail file will last you for ages, and it's seriously pretty to boot!

    46. This boar bristle hairbrush will distribute oils really evenly throughout your hair, so you won't have that greasy roots/dry ends problem.

    47. I might never get over how cute this sloth-shaped rug looks.