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    34 Incredible Gifts You'll Probably Just Want To Keep For Yourself

    Because nobody can buy a gift for you better than you.

    1. This Instax camera allows you to print out pictures the second you take them.

    2. e.l.f. brushes are well-loved by beauty buffs, and they're surprisingly budget-friendly too. This set of 12 will cover basically all your makeup needs.

    3. This heated round brush from Remington styles hair while it dries, making it a true multipurpose hero.

    4. Coco & Eve hair products have a bit of a cult following for a good reason. Their famous hair masque is intensely nourishing, and this pack is gift-wrapped for you!

    5. Keep your lashes long and luscious with this growth serum.

    6. How ridiculously comfortable does this scarf look?

    7. This cheese and chutney hamper from Snowdonia is just *chef's kiss*.

    8. This mirror is practical *and* pretty!

    9. Relieve some stress with this pea pod squeezer, which you can use to vent.

    10. Fenty's Gloss Bomb really does look incredible on everyone!

    11. This electric toothbrush from Oral B is a great practical gift.

    12. A deep-fill Breville toastie maker is the stuff of every cheese lover's dream.

    13. Ottolenghi's Simple is the perfect cookbook for impressive but easy midweek meals.

    14. This witchy wall hanging would look incredible in so many bedrooms!

    15. Some Drumshanbo Irish gin mixes really well in cocktails AND tastes absolutely incredible on its own.

    16. These salted caramel hot chocolate stirrers will take your cosy nights in to the next level.

    17. This three-in-one pasta maker is the ultimate foodie gift.

    18. A set of these warming eye masks is a great way to pamper yourself.

    19. These noise-cancelling earphones have over 11,000 reviews, so you know they're going to be good.

    20. This big ol' candle will look incredible in basically every room of your home.

    21. Look, you could say a giant box of over 40 Ferrero Rocher chocolates for yourself is excessive, but I could also say you're wrong.

    22. This shower-friendly Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and plays crystal-clear sound.

    23. These slightly ~luxe~ gold eye masks will feel super indulgent!

    24. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse is a great gift for almost everybody.

    25. These reusable cloths will remove your makeup in one easy swipe, and the pack of two will mean you'll have one ready to use while the other is being washed!

    26. An eyeliner stamp is a great way to achieve the perfect cat eye with almost no effort. This formula is waterproof and smudge-resistant too!

    27. This 2020 diary includes some recipes that you can try throughout the year.

    28. This high-quality duvet set is a real treat!

    29. Let's be real here, you're going to be spending most of Christmas in your PJs anyway– so you might as well get this gorge dressing robe to go with them.

    30. Treat yourself to a cast iron skillet because, in a way, you'll be treating everyone else to your incredible festive cooking anyway (right?).

    31. If you're into makeup, you've probably had your eye on an ABH palette for a while. This soft glam one has a flattering selection of shades!

    32. Stationery fiends (i.e. me) will love this bic gift box.

    33. This dumpling light will make you say "aww" whenever you see it.

    34. Who wouldn't love these fluffy socks?

    You when all your packages arrive and you have to give the best stuff away as gifts:

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